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Ranking Epcot’s World Showcase Pavilions by Best Entertainment at Walt Disney World

Most people head to the World Showcase knowing they will be doing some dining, drinking, and shopping. What many people forget (or don’t realize) is that the area also offers some fantastic entertainment. We like to make sure we have plenty of time to stop and watch these performances as we meander through the World Showcase. That said, it’s very difficult to fit every entertainment option into a single day. Therefore, we must pick and choose. If you’re planning a day in the World Showcase, you may be wondering which entertainment options you should make time for. Below, we’ve ranked the pavilions based on their entertainment offerings so you can choose wisely and have the best day possible.

1. United States

In most respects, the United State pavilion is a bit uninspired. The food has always been subpar (though the new barbecue eatery could change that) and the shopping is some of the worst in the World Showcase. Fortunately, the entertainment swoops in to save the day with some excellent offerings that stand out from the rest. First, there are the Voices of Liberty. This a cappella group sings a set of patriotic songs in perfect harmony that’ll send shivers down your spine. The group also sings carols during the holiday season. In addition to the Voices of Liberty, the United States Pavilion also plays host to the America Gardens Amphitheater. A wide variety of performances take place here. Among these are the Garden Rocks concert series and the Candlelight Processional, both amazing events that are well worth your time.

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2. Mexico

Mexico is also a fun place to go for some entertainment. The mariachi band that plays here has been around since Epcot’s opening, and they definitely deserve to be there. This small group plays a variety of traditional Mexican songs and is absolutely fantastic. In addition to the show filled with traditional songs that they’ve been doing for years, this band also performs Mariachi Cobre presents the Story of Coco. This performance includes a super cool puppet, folklórico dancers, and music from the Pixar film Coco. Lastly, we should mention that Donald Duck can be found in this pavilion, near the pyramid. He’s even decked out in a sombrero, making this meet-and-greet a unique one.

3. Morocco

Third on our list is Morocco. This pavilion is absolutely gorgeous and ranks high for shopping and dining, as well as their fabulous entertainment options. These options include live music on a small stage outside of the shops and restaurants, as well as belly dancing inside of one of the table-service eateries. Both of these are very unique performances, and we love that guests often get to try their hand at belly dancing while viewing the performance. Additionally, you will find that you can meet Jasmine on a daily basis here. This is something many guests pass right by, since she’s hidden away in the back of the pavilion.


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4. United Kingdom

The British Revolution band is featured in this pavilion, and they fill the whole place with excellent music. Expect to hear British rock-and-roll hits from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, and plan to stay for the entire show because it’s fantastic. Other entertainment found in this pavilion includes live music in the Rose and Crown Pub, as well as meet-and-greets with Mary Poppins and Alice of Alice in Wonderland.

5. France

The acrobatic street performance found in France is incredibly intriguing, highly impressive (to the point of being literal), and charmingly comedic. It’s a balancing act called Serveur Amusant, and the tricks this duo pulls off are absolutely incredible. We also love that audience members are often pulled into this show, making it an even more memorable experience. There are also character meet-and-greets in this pavilion. Usually Aurora or Belle can be found spending time in France, and every once in a while you’ll be lucky enough to catch both.

6. China

In China you will find the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. This troupe is amazingly skilled and watching them is mesmerizing. We adore the costumes used in this performance, as well as the way the show matches up to a background soundtrack. This one is definitely worth stopping for. In addition to the acrobats, China is also home to a Mulan meet-and-greet. Currently, this is the only place to meet Mulan in all of Walt Disney World, making it a unique opportunity.

7. Germany

Live music is the name of the game in the Germany pavilion. Here you’ll find a German pop-rock band on the outdoor stage between Germany and the Outpost. Additionally, a live oompah band plays inside the Biergarten restaurant. Once you’ve had your fill of German music, be sure to catch Snow White for a photo and autograph before moving to the next thing.

8. Italy

Sergio is a mime and juggler who hangs out in the Italy pavilion. This 20-minute performance is as silly as it is impressive, and we recommend stopping to watch if you happen to be passing by. Again, audience members are often pulled into the act, and we absolutely love it. Unfortunately, this is the only entertainment found in this pavilion. While it is good, we had to bump Italy down the list a bit since it’s lacking any meet-and-greets or other performers.

9. Canada

Canada always has some sort of live performance happening on the Red Mill Stage, and you can always count on a lively, high-quality show. Usually these performers are from Canada, making them as authentic as they could possibly be. Unfortunately, these performances are rarely unique enough to stand out in our memories, putting Canada a bit lower on our list.

10. Japan

The Japan pavilion is home to the Matsuriza taiko drumming show. This show is pretty neat and definitely deserves a few minutes of your time. The big drums they play are beautiful, and the rhythms played are interesting. All that said, this show doesn’t tend to hold our attention for more than a few minutes, so this isn’t something that’ll fill a lot of your time.

11. Norway

Once upon a time, Norway had a pretty fun stage show. Unfortunately, that has gone the way of the dodo bird, and we’re left merely with an Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet as our main source of entertainment in this pavilion. While we do love these two princesses, we just don’t think a meet-and-greet is enough entertainment to carry an entire pavilion, so we have to put Norway at the bottom of our list.

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