5 Reasons Disney Fans Will Love Epic Universe

Universal Orlando entrance
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Since Universal Orlando Resort announced its plans to build Epic Universe, there has been a lot of buzz, rumors, and speculation surrounding the new theme Park.

Epic Universe Logo over artist rendering

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It’s been 25 years since Walt Disney World opened its last new Park (Animal Kingdom in 1998) and 24 years since Islands of Adventure opened in 1999.

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Although both of those parks (and the other theme parks in Florida) have experienced many changes through the years, it’s been a while since something of this size and scope has opened. But why should fans of Walt Disney World care? Let’s discuss…

A Whole New World

Rendering of Epic Universe

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When Epic Universe opens in 2025, it will double the size of Universal Studio’s footprint in Central Florida. The new Park will be 750 acres and include multiple lands – turning Universal Orlando Resort into a truly multi-day destination. Although Disney World still has the numbers in acres and Park visitors, Universal Orlando is gaining ground. With a third theme Park, a revolutionary water Park, and City Walk entertainment district, Guests can find just as much to do in a week as they can visiting Disney’s four theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs.

More Harry Potter


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Epic Universe will include an all-new Harry Potter-themed area – making it the third Wizarding World land among its many Florida parks. Although not every Disney fan may be a Harry Potter fan, many are. The new Harry Potter-themed area will have an attraction based on an adventure within the Ministry of Magic. Some rumors have claimed that Guests will enter the attraction through the floo network (as done in the movies) and make their way down a large hallway and see Ministry offices, including one belonging to Delores Umbridge.

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The area is also expected to have live show(s) at a theater, as well as multiple dining and retail options themed after the Fantastic Beasts series.

Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo World opening

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Universal Studios has debuted its Super Nintendo-themed attractions, such as Mario Kart, in Japan and California. However, this new area in Orlando will feature the Mario Kart ride, a Yoshi ride, and a Donkey Kong roller coaster. It’s also likely that Universal’s latest attractions (and box office numbers) may raise the bar for Disney. The more success Universal experiences, the more pressure Disney will have to compete by offering even more unique experiences and exciting attractions.

Florida Economy

Lake Nona Campus rendering

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For those who live in Florida, the new theme Park will significantly boost tourism and money in the state. After Disney’s war with Governor Ron DeSantis and the cancellation of the Lake Nona project, Florida could use the extra investment. Epic Universe will undoubtedly inject more jobs and money into Florida. In addition, the new addition to Orlando’s theme Park lineup will only further encourage families and international Guests to visit.

Redefining and Redesigning Theme Parks

One of the most unique aspects of Epic Universe is its design. Although it borrows from the classic wheel spoke layout used at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park, it puts a twist on it. Epic Universe includes a hotel connected directly to the theme Park, and its central hub will potentially be more of a main area to shop, dine, and assemble as opposed to just a large icon. Furthermore, the various lands appear to be more segregated, with only one entry and exit.

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The theme Park may also utilize new technology with interactive elements incorporated at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD using devices such as Power Up Bands. Similar to the Disney Magic Bands, these wearable devices allow Guests to interact with various elements in the Park, encouraging them to participate in puzzles and challenges.

Just as Universal Studios has copied elements of Disney Parks, such as audio-animatronics and innovative dark rides, Disney fans may see the theme Park Resort begin to copy some of Epic Universe’s features.

minions mayhem

Credit: Universal Studios

This is just a handful of many benefits Disney fans or Florida residents can experience with the addition of Universal Epic Universe. Although the theme Park isn’t opening until 2025, many of these elements and rumors could change. But in the meantime, hopefully, fans of Universal Studios Florida and fans of Walt Disney World can celebrate the addition of a new theme Park together.

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