Ryan Gosling Gets Outed

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Ryan Gosling, former Mousketeer of the ’90s and current A-list celebrity, was recently a topic of conversation on a podcast with John Stamos.

Big Shot Scene

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John Stamos Speaks

The former Full House actor and star of the Disney Plus series Big Shot (2021-2022) appeared on the podcast Baby, This is Keke Palmer. During his conversation with Keke, Stamos explained that he felt he had to be a closeted Disney fan for years. Then he spilled the beans about Ryan Gosling.

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Full House

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Stamos revealed that he and Gosling shared a special love…for Disney. According to Stamos, Gosling was the one who helped Stamos accept the fact that he didn’t have to hide his Disney fandom. During the podcast, Stamos also revealed that Gosling told him he goes solo to Disneyland with his headphones on and often enjoys rides alone.

disneyland california

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“When you go through those gates, the rest of the world goes away,” Stamos said.

Who Else is “in the Closet?”

Neither Stamos nor Gosling are the first celebrities to admit their love for the Walt Disney Company and/or Disney theme parks. But who else is out there? Multiple celebrities have been spotted at the parks, most recently Emma Stone.

Emma Stone Cruella

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Many Disney fans have followed John Stamos for quite some time and celebrated his Disney journey with him (like when John Stamos outbid Michael Jackson in an auction for the old Disneyland sign). Perhaps now that Ryan Gosling is outed as a ‘Disney Adult,’ we may see him become the next big celebrity to become the wealthiest and most famous Disney fanatic.

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Once a member of The Mickey Mouse Club (along with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears), Ryan Gosling transitioned to a heartthrob with The Notebook (2004) and the musical La La Land (2016). And although now he is a mainstream celebrity, his Disney roots have never faded.

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Ryan Gosling is starring in the upcoming Barbie (2023) movie with Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig. Although not a Disney film, it’s gathering a lot of buzz.

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