Six Critical Fastpass+ Selections at Walt Disney World

4. Soarin
Although I’ve admitted that I prefer Test Track to Soarin, there are a couple of reasons why I believe Soarin is the more critical Fastpass selection to make. The first reason, is that Test Track has a single rider line and Soarin does not. So if you’re alone, or don’t mind riding Test Track away from other members of your party, it would save you time to make a Fastpass for Soarin and use the single rider line for Test Track. The other reason is that Soarin usually has a longer wait than Test Track (though this does depend somewhat on the specific day) so for that it makes more sense to book a Fastpass here. Soarin also seems to be something that everyone in the family will enjoy, and Test Track is a bit more limited to thrill seekers, so if you’re planning for a big group, Soarin might make a little more sense to book as well.

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