6 Things To Consider Before Bringing A Young Child To Walt Disney World Parks

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is a great family destination. There are plenty of things that the whole family will love. Many small children will enjoy the vacation but there are some things you may want to consider before planning your Disney vacation with your little ones.


6) The Florida Heat

Florida is the Sunshine State and for a majority of the year it is very hot outside. If you’re from somewhere that doesn’t get as hot, the Florida heat can be a lot for your little ones to handle. If you do go on a Disney vacation, check the forecast before you leave home. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and take advantage of the air conditioning whenever possible. Remember to use sunscreen on all members of your family as well.

5) Changing Your Child’s Routine

Some children don’t need a set routine, which makes them great travelers. A week at the parks for other kids can really mess with the routine they are already used to. If you decide they can handle it, make sure to schedule nap times so they won’t get cranky. Try to keep your kids on the same bedtime schedule as well, even if it means missing the fireworks. Disney is overwhelming for many adults, just imagine what it would feel like to a small child.

4) It’s Expensive

A week at Walt Disney World can be very expensive, so you’ll want the whole family to enjoy it. You will want to get the most out of every dollar, which you might not get to do if you are constantly taking care of the littlest ones. If money is tight you might want to wait until they’re older.

3) Babies Don’t Know What Disney Is About

Babies won’t know about the Disney magic. They have no idea who Cinderella is and they don’t know the words to “It’s a Small World”. They won’t have the excitement leading up to the vacation that the rest of the family will have. All they will know is that they are at some place that is unfamiliar. Not all, but some children are very scared of the characters. If you wait until they are a little older you can see the excitement on their faces when they meet their favorite characters.

2) They Won’t Remember Your Vacation

Your Walt Disney World vacation is something that should have memories that will last a lifetime. Your infant will not have any memories from your trip. Of course the memories you make will be priceless. For many parents, that is enough so don’t let that stop you, it’s just something to take into consideration.


1) Height Restrictions

Many of the Walt Disney World rides have height restrictions. Children under a certain height will not be allowed to ride. If you still want to ride, ask a cast member at the ride’s entrance about Rider Switch. If your child is not tall enough do not blame the cast members. They are just following the rules for your child’s safety. Rides with height restrictions are clearly marked on the Walt Disney World website and on the park maps.

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