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Well-Known Star Wars Actor Spotted Working at Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box posted a hilarious video yesterday of a well-known Disney actor working at one of their drive-thru locations. The idea was a stunt with Mark Hamill, who famously plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars (1977) series, in on the spoof, much to the surprise of unknowing Guests.

The video begins with a quote: “Mark Hamill was once fired from a Jack in the Box for impersonating a clown in the drive-thru…Today, he’s coming back.” Yes, you read that right!

Mark Hamill Star Wars

Credit: Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett / Everett Collection

If you’re not laughing yet, get ready because this story gets even more silly! The video starts with customers lining up to order at a Jack in the Box drive-thru.

Mark Hamill’s voice can be heard coming through the speaker as he clownishly announces, “Welcome to Jack in the Box; may I take your order?!” The actor is wearing a shirt donning the face of the brand, a cheerful clown.

Mark Hamill Star Wars


Guests in the drive-thru look befuddled as they listen to the bizarre voice asking them what they want. He continues hamming it up as various cars make their way through the line donning perplexed expressions.

As Guests approach the window, Mark Hamill hands them their food, and they immediately recognize his face! Some are shocked, while others look as if they might shed a tear at the actor’s presence.


Famous actor @MarkHamill returns to one of his very first roles: working the @jackinthebox drive-thru. Sure, he got fired back in the ‘70s for taking orders in a crazy clown voice, but now he’s back surprising fans with autographs, stories and French Toast Sticks.

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Hamill, who is always a good sport and genuinely kind to his fans, poses for selfies and takes time to talk to each passerby. He even autographs a customer’s to-go bag after his request.

Near the end of the video, the manager informs Mark that he doesn’t need to talk to everyone for so long! As Guests leave, they shriek in delight over meeting the Star Wars legend.

Are you laughing yet? I know I am!

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