Family’s Surprise Disney Trip Announcement Takes an Unexpected Turn

Wouldn’t you love to be surprised with a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort? For many children and families across the country, this surprise would be a dream come true, but for one family, the kids did not take it as you might expect.

Guests with Mickey and Minnie in front of Cinderella Castle

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In the latest viral video showing a surprise Disney trip announcement, Long Island mom Joceline Martin shared magical news with her daughters (ages nine and five) that she had been hiding for months. Martin had worked hard to put together a memorable trip for her family and assumed (like nearly any parent would) that her daughters would be thrilled to learn that they would soon be heading to “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

Martin shared her thought process with saying, “I thought they would see their suitcases and just lose their minds.” The video showing the girls’ reactions to the surprise has reached almost 30,000 views on TikTok:


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Martin later revealed that her daughters’ negative reactions to the news was not because of Disney World, but rather because of their fear of heights. In short, the girls were excited about Disney but they were not excited about the process of taking a plane to get to Orlando.

After weeks and months of hearing how much her daughters wanted to go to Disney World, the reaction was shocking to say the least. Thankfully, Martin also noted that her daughters did have a magical time once they were there, and it really was just the plane right that caused concern for the kids.

Surprise Disney Vacation Joceline Martin

Credit: / Joceline Martin

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Martin also told Today that, “We ended up having a beautiful trip. They were so overly thankful. Our next stop is a Disney cruise!”

We think a Disney cruise sounds like the perfect idea for the Martin family’s next Disney vacation and are glad the whole family had a memorable time!

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