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“I Don’t Want It Going to the Head of the Teacher Union”: DeSantis Raises Florida Teacher Salaries by $200 Million

Governor Ron DeSantis smiling widely

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a whopping $200 million increase in teacher salaries in the wake of a messy feud with The Walt Disney Company over education, but it seems that the instructors themselves are still unhappy with the state of Florida funding. DeSantis and Disney spent the better part of last year in a nationally publicized feud that spilled ...

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DeSantis Outlaws Colors at Disney World for “Freedom Month”

A man in a suit and tie is smiling broadly in front of a colorful night scene featuring a lit-up castle and fireworks in the sky. The castle has intricate lighting and projections, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

Governor Ron DeSantis has decreed a “Freedom Month” for the state of Florida, which includes discounts on camping equipment, park fees, and sales taxes. Bizarrely, it also forbids the usage of non-approved colors at Disney World and on bridges across the state, which doesn’t feel very “free.” “Freedom Month” Freedom Month is a new initiative pushed by Governor DeSantis that ...

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Governor DeSantis Praises Swift Government Action at Disney World

Ron DeSantis giving a thumbs up in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance sign under a blue sky.

Governor Ron DeSantis has applauded and cheerfully joked about the swift police action that recently took place at the gates of The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, the site of many of his legal battles. DeSantis and Disney: The Many Battles As a politician, Ron DeSantis has long defined himself by his opposition to his foes. Broadly speaking, that ...

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Ron DeSantis Approves $40 Million Tax Break for Disney

Ron DeSantis Disney Fireworks

Governor Ron DeSantis continues his bill-signing spree by ensuring that The Walt Disney Company will double its charitable tax breaks to a whopping $40 million. DeSantis vs. Disney In recent months, Ron DeSantis has been signing legislature into Florida law at an astonishing pace. After the collapse of his much-mocked presidential campaign, the far-right politician seems to be determined to ...

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Anti-Diversity Bill Signed by DeSantis Sparks Disney Feud

Bob Iger Disneyland

Governor Ron DeSantis has resumed his crusade against “wokeness” in education, signing a new anti-diversity law that will inevitably lead to a new conflict with his old nemesis, the Walt Disney Company. Credit: Inside the Magic DeSantis: Anti-Woke Champion Ron DeSantis has built his public and political persona around an image as an “anti-woke” champion, even running for president on ...

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Governor DeSantis Announces Free Admission to Disney Rival Parks

Ron DeSantis Disney Fireworks

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a new challenge to the theme park supremacy of Disney World: free admission on the busiest weekend of the year for rival parks. Until recently, Ron DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company were locked in a heated battle in multiple courtrooms and the media. The feud between the far-right governor and the iconic media company ...

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DeSantis Ramps Up Disney Critique, Dissolves More Districts

Ron DeSantis Disneyland Castle

If you thought that Governor Ron DeSantis was done dissolving special districts in Florida just because he’s settled his beef with the Walt Disney Company, a new state law is here to say otherwise. DeSantis and the Reedy Creek Improvement District The conflict between Governor DeSantis and Disney began over former CEO Bob Chapek taking a public stance against the ...

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