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Disney+ Cyberattack Scams on the Rise, Streaming Subscribers Beware

Sad Mickey mouse and Disney+

Malevolent cyber-scammers are increasingly targeting Disney+ subscribers and imitating the streaming service with frightening precision, which is bad news for a company already struggling to keep loyal customers. In the last several decades, cyberattacks on consumers have become a common source of irritation and financial distress around the world. Online security companies around the world struggle to keep up with ...

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“Woke Disney” Strikes Again, Changes Multiple Princesses

Rapunzel from Tangled

There’s likely been no company to receive accusations of “turning woke” more prominent than The Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Company, founded by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney in 1923, stands as a global entertainment powerhouse, shaping the landscape of the industry for nearly a century. Renowned for its iconic animation studio, Disney has produced timeless classics such ...

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Sad Secret Revealed of Disney’s Oscar Winning Composer

The Sherman Brothers

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating 100 years of animation in big ways. The Disney100 celebration has been going on with limited-time merchandise, events, and entertainment all across The Walt Disney Company. The most recent celebration aired on ABC this past Sunday, encompassing all of Disney’s animation. A brand new short was released called Once Upon a Studio (2023), featuring ...

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Celebrate ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ 30th Anniversary

Jack Skellington

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) is celebrating a big anniversary, and you can join in on the celebration! On October 13, 1993, Tim Burton’s extraordinary film was released and captured the hearts of all fans. Starring Pumpin King Jack Skellington, tells the story of Jack attempting to share the joy of Christmas and the obstacles that come with ...

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‘Elemental’ Was a Box Office Hit, Now Breaks Records on Disney+


The initial wishy-washy film has come a long way! Pixar’s Elemental was released in June of 2023 with high hopes for a box-office hit. Initially, the audience attraction wasn’t there. Only landing roughly $30 million a the domestic box office for opening weekend, chatter began that Elemental would be another flop for Pixar and Disney. Though speculations thought it would ...

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