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Is Disney’s New Cruise Ship Worth the $97,000 Price Tag

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite

Yes, you heard that correctly: $97,000! Disney Cruise Line revealed many new details for their newest ship, Disney Treasure. Joining the fleet of now seven, the ship is to set sail in December 2024. The reveal on September 5, originally set for an earlier date, was pushed back due to Hurricane Idalia hitting the state of Florida. During the unveiling, ...

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Plan Your Next Trip Based on Your Favorite Disney Princess

Disney Princesses

Let’s be honest, we all have a favorite Disney Princess. But also, is it possible just to choose one? All Disney Princesses encompass the story of strength, perseverance, and hard work. Along with their inspiring characteristics are their smarts, motivation, and meer dedication to getting whatever it is they dream of. Like Cinderella said, “A dream is a wish your ...

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Heat Advisory Makes Visiting Disney World Dangerous

Max from Goofy movie

Disney World is heating up, literally! Orlando, Florida, is facing record-high heat this week, raising some concerns about visiting “The Most Magical Place On Earth”. Disney World is in Central Florida, where the weather is warm nearly year-round. During the summer, humidity is rising, making mid-day a tough time to be outside and enjoy the Florida sun. Disney World is ...

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New Disney Cruise Line Ship to Debut in 2024

Minnie Mouse

A new adventure is ready to embark on at Disney! Disney Cruise Line is debuting a new cruise ship called Disney Treasure. The new ship began its journey in January of 2023, and Disney has updated fans along the way. Disney Parks Blog is sharing the updates from January to now to get a glimpse into the building process of ...

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Luxury Resort Destination Opening Near Disney World

Evermore Orlando

A new luxury Resort is underway, and so is the first artificial lagoon in Orlando. The Evermore Orlando Resort spans over 1,000 acres and will be the first Orlando Conrad Hotel. The destination is only minutes from Disney Springs, bringing potential competition to Disney World Resorts. The grand opening for the hotel is slated for December 2023, calling it a ...

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Celebrate the Start of Summer With Disney

Disney Family

The beginning of summer is the first day for many to enjoy some relaxation. Today, June 21, 2023, is the first official day of summer! This means, if you haven’t already, it’s time to celebrate! With relaxation comes vacation, and what better place to relax and vacation than Disney World? With all four Parks, two water Parks, Disney Springs, and ...

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Best & Worst Restrooms in the Magic Kingdom

Bathrooms at Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is packed with experiences that whisk Guests into worlds of fantasy, adventure, and magic. However, there are moments when reality sets in, especially when nature calls or your child needs to go potty. While there are plenty of restrooms for use, and all are themed and functional. Not all are created equal, and some are magnets for ...

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Disney Is Celebrating Another Major Milestone

Disney is no stranger to special anniversaries. Having just wrapped up the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, the company now readies itself for yet another special event. In July of 1998 (about three months after Animal Kingdom opened…for those keeping track), the Disney company also embarked on a new business venture: launching a cruise line. At that point, however, ...

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