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Major New Addition Changes Disney+ Forever

Bob Iger Disney+

Those logging into their Disney+ streaming application may have recently noticed a peculiar new addition to the platform. After Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned Hulu being merged into Disney+, the expected transition has finally occurred. Hulu on Disney+ It is important to note that Hulu and Disney+ are still separate services offered as standalone entities. However, Disney’s complete acquisition of ...

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Disney+ Cyberattack Scams on the Rise, Streaming Subscribers Beware

Sad Mickey mouse and Disney+

Malevolent cyber-scammers are increasingly targeting Disney+ subscribers and imitating the streaming service with frightening precision, which is bad news for a company already struggling to keep loyal customers. In the last several decades, cyberattacks on consumers have become a common source of irritation and financial distress around the world. Online security companies around the world struggle to keep up with ...

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Disney+ Loses Millions of Subscribers, Streaming Future Uncertain

Disney+ and sad Mickey mouse

The Disney+ streaming platform is in trouble after losing millions of subscribers in the last year alone and may soon be facing shutdowns and layoffs. Failing After a Brilliant Start Disney+ was launched in 2019 to huge fanfare as the Walt Disney Company got into the streaming game, bringing with it a huge catalog of content for subscribers. Along with ...

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More Classic Disney Characters Cancelled

A boy watching disney+ with a stamp sign cancelled

Disney+ has been a roller coaster since its inception. It has seen many successes and failures since it originally debuted in November of 2019. Disney+ Shows Among its many successful shows are the Star Wars-based series The Mandalorian and the Marcel Cinematic Universe spinoffs such as Loki. But it has also had its share of programs that failed to generate ...

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New Content Announced Before Disney+ Shutdown

Bob Iger and Disney Plus

The winter holidays are a big season for streaming services, especially with more people staying home in front of a screen while that turkey roasts. But is Disney just baiting us with new material before it dissolves? CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, recently revealed plans that Disney+ as fans know it would be shut down in December, ...

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Disney Star Canceled After Video Surfaces of Her Glorifying Harmful Habit

Ahsoka on Disney+

Another Disney star has found herself the target of cancel culture after behind-the-scenes video footage surfaced of her glamorizing a habit society has overwhelmingly grown to hate. Disney has had to contend with many issues surrounding the Star Wars franchise since acquiring Lucasfilm in 2012. Fans have become increasingly critical of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and the studio’s direction with ...

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X-Rated Content Coming to Disney+ Platform; Iger Issues PSA To “Prepare Parents”

Disney+ on the TV

For the millions of families who subscribe to Disney+, the streaming platform is the perfect place to experience wholesome, family-friendly content. Many parents love the security that their children can scroll and view content without the worries of them stumbling upon something that is inappropriate or violent on accident. However, that reputation is about to change. With the announcement of ...

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Disney Officially Loses Classic Series, Iconic Characters Gone

Disney+ with Donald Duck

Disney+’s loss is someone else’s gain. The Walt Disney Company, is one of the largest and most iconic entertainment studios in the world. On November 12, 2019 Disney+ was launched. Disney+ boasts an extensive and diverse content library that includes content from Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. This means subscribers can access classic Disney animated films, the ...

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Disney Park Secrets Are About to Be Revealed on Disney+

Disney Fireworks with someone watching - face hidden

Have you ever wondered how your favorite attractions came about? Who are the masterminds behind your home away from home? So many members of The Walt Disney Company have played a role in all aspects of Disney Parks. Disneyland opened in 1955, and after the groundbreaking theme Park took the country by storm, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, was ...

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