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Numerous Disney Park Guests Collapse After Ignoring Warnings To Cancel Vacations

A large crowd of people on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

First responders rushed to Disneyland Resort on Wednesday after numerous guests collapsed in a Southern California heat wave. This week, the National Weather Service issued a stern warning to locals and visitors in Orange County, California. The dangerous weather picked up on Wednesday, and temperatures are expected to rise daily through Sunday. The peak of the heat wave is predicted ...

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7 Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance at MK and Minnie Mouse

Pirates of the Caribbean is your quintessential Disney attraction. It’s in both Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park; it has touches of Walt Disney himself, it’s full of intricate details and cutting-edge audio-animatronics, and it has an original song that earworms itself into the minds of everyone who rides it. Related:TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know the ...

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Disney’s Annual Pass Sales Are Suspended, Affecting Thousands

Mickey Mouse Disney Castle

Disney has suspended the sales of all annual passes effective immediately for some mysterious reason that guests are trying to determine. This sudden decision has affected thousands of guests, and some have even had to cancel their upcoming trips to the parks. Here’s what we know. Disney Halts Sales of All Annual Passes as Sudden Decision to Impact Millions of ...

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Disney Removes Original Villain from Theme Park After Disastrous Incident

Disney Theme park

The fate of Maleficent has been officially settled for Disneyland’s soon-to-return Fantasmic! show, and many changes have now been confirmed by Disney. While watching fireworks blast from Sleeping Beauty Castle and project light all over Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park, it is hard to miss Fantasmic!, the nighttime spectacular that has been lighting up the Rivers of America for ...

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Earthquake Emergency at Disney Parks: Attractions Closed, Guests Evacuated Safely

Image of Disneyland Park

On May 1, a significant earthquake struck Southern California, prompting a few Disney parks to shut down and evacuate its guests and attractions. Southern California Hit with Moderate Earthquake, Disney Parks Shuts Down Temporarily as Guests and Attractions Evacuate In an event that briefly unsettled residents, a moderate earthquake struck Orange County on Wednesday afternoon, with its effects felt across ...

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Disney Guest’s Emotional Experience Goes Viral: ‘Saddest Moment Ever

Disney Castle

Disneyland is a place where dreams come true, and influencers have perfected the art of capturing those magical moments. Disneyland Resort is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” However, guests fighting, cutting in lines, recording or talking during attractions, yelling at Cast Members, and much more can ruin “Disney Magic” for others around them. Related: Child Taken From Parents ...

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Disney Guest Restrained by Officers, Prompting Shutdown of Entire Land

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland Park

An unruly Disneyland guest recently caused chaos at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Disneyland Resort is a beloved and iconic theme park located in Anaheim, California. Opened on July 17, 1955, by Walt Disney himself, Disneyland has since enchanted millions of guests with its captivating attractions at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Being a popular tourist destination, guest ...

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Grim Discovery: Head Found in Abandoned Disneyland Attraction

Disney Mickey Mouse

Disneyland Resort is a magical destination that has enchanted guests for many years. But, when a Disney fan spots a random head on an old attraction – well, magical turns creepy. Nestled in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Resort has two world-renowned theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, as well as hotels and the Downtown Disney District. Guests can ...

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Disney Park Shutting Down Due to State of Emergency

Disneyland Closing Early due to weather

Disneyland is a name that evokes wonder and enchantment. However, even “The Happiest Place on Earth occasionally faces challenges that impact its operations. One such challenge is inclement weather, which, on rare occasions, may lead to Disneyland closing early for the safety and comfort of its guests. On February 4th, Disneyland was forced to close early due to a severe ...

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