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Elsa to Marry a Woman in ‘Frozen III’: Fact or Fiction?

frozen 3 elsa

In a rumor that has become so widespread the origin video has garnered over one million views, some believe that Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise is going to marry a woman in the upcoming Frozen sequel. Disney has been embroiled in controversy after controversy in the recent past. From its portrayal of LGBTQ characters, which had some fans in ...

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Confirmed Details on Disney’s ‘Frozen 3’

Frozen 3

After years of waiting, The Walt Disney Company has confirmed that a second sequel (Frozen 3) is in the works. One of the original Frozen directors, Jennifer Lee, has since become the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Frozen won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and became a cultural phenomenon when it debuted in 2013. Related: Disney ...

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Disney World Announces New Castle Lighting Show

anna frozen coronation day drool sleep

As part of Disney’s Halfway to the Holidays celebration, new and exciting announcements are being made. Disney has released new merchandise, provided Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party dates, and even announced a new Holiday party at Hollywood Studios (Disney Jollywood Nights). RELATED: First Look At Disney’s Jollywood Event No More Cinderella Castle Dream Lights In addition to all these holiday-themed events ...

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Disney’s New ‘Frozen’ Themed Land Opens This Year

Rendering of Frozen Land

When Disney released Frozen (2013), it became a surprise hit for Walt Disney Studios. With its captivating story, memorable characters, and iconic song “Let It Go,” Frozen quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The franchise has expanded, releasing various shorts and Frozen II (2019), making Elsa and Anna beloved Disney characters. Frozen in the United States The success spawned off multiple ...

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Those Times When Disney April Fools’ Jokes Got Us Good

Disney April Fools' Feature Image

Have you heard any outlandish news pertaining to something Disney-related either today or sometime within the last 24 hours? Perhaps you even came across a surprising announcement posted by the Walt Disney Company on social media that either confused you or left you feeling concerned. The news, in general, can seem somewhat surreal these days, but the bizarre reports and ...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About ‘Disney On Ice’

Disney On Ice Feature

These days there are so many different ways to get your Disney fixing. The most obvious pursuit for any family to strive for is to go on vacation to one of the many impressive Disney theme park/Disney Resort destinations now in existence. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida remains the number choice for many folks, with Disneyland Resort in California ...

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Ways to Get Your Princess Fix at Walt Disney World

Princess Fix Collage Feature Image

Princesses have played an important role in bringing to life the magic of Walt Disney Entertainment for many years. They are, after all, among some of our most beloved Disney heroines and the role models that so many young girls grow up being inspired by. So, naturally, Disney Princesses are very integral to the overall Disney Experience at Parks and ...

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