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Disney Guest Attacked Over “Dangerous” Activity Involving Young Child on Popular Attraction

Disney Frozen characters with snowman

The Walt Disney World Resort welcomes guests of all ages. The family-friendly ethos is built into its very DNA and is what Walt Disney himself prided the theme parks on. Now, one Disney guest has been attacked for an activity  involving a young child that some are calling “dangerous.” Established in 1971, after the thrilling success of Disneyland Resort in ...

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Elsa to Marry a Woman in ‘Frozen III’: Fact or Fiction?

frozen 3 elsa

In a rumor that has become so widespread the origin video has garnered over one million views, some believe that Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise is going to marry a woman in the upcoming Frozen sequel. Disney has been embroiled in controversy after controversy in the recent past. From its portrayal of LGBTQ characters, which had some fans in ...

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Here’s Why You Absolutely Must Visit World of Frozen

World of Frozen

It’s Frozen (2013); need I say anything else? The iconic story that took the Disney community by storm in 2013 has become another Disney classic. Walt Disney Animation Studios created the two beloved characters and sisters, Anna and Elsa. Anna sets off on an adventure to find Elsa after she’s trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Along her ...

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Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa and ‘Peter Pan’ All Coming to Tokyo Disney

Fantasy Springs

The eighth themed port is coming to Tokyo Disney Resort. Fantasy Springs in Tokyo Disney Resort has just been announced, featuring all-new experiences. Guests can look forward to new attractions, restaurants, lounges, dining, and more. The most exciting part is the three new incredible areas featuring some of our favorite Disney characters. Inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studio Films, ...

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Update on Disney’s World of Frozen Themed Land

Hong Kong Frozen

A World of Frozen-themed land is well overdue in just about every Disney theme Park across the globe. World of Frozen The original film came out ten years ago, was exceptionally popular, and made the company tons of money in merchandise, ticket sales, and even brought about popular Frozen-themed attractions to the theme parks. But devoting a whole new land ...

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New Reveal of Disney’s World of Frozen

World Of Frozen

Disney “Can’t hold it back anymore”! Walt Disney Animation Studios is responsible for our favorite film, ‘Frozen’ (2013). Since the release of the film, we fans have gotten ‘Frozen 2’ (2019) and quite a few spin-offs including, ‘Frozen Fever’ (2015), ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ (2017), ‘Once Upon a Snowman’ (2020), and ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ (2021). Beyond the classic films, Walt ...

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Disney World Announces New Castle Lighting Show

anna frozen coronation day drool sleep

As part of Disney’s Halfway to the Holidays celebration, new and exciting announcements are being made. Disney has released new merchandise, provided Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party dates, and even announced a new Holiday party at Hollywood Studios (Disney Jollywood Nights). RELATED: First Look At Disney’s Jollywood Event No More Cinderella Castle Dream Lights In addition to all these holiday-themed events ...

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Disney’s New ‘Frozen’ Themed Land Opens This Year

Rendering of Frozen Land

When Disney released Frozen (2013), it became a surprise hit for Walt Disney Studios. With its captivating story, memorable characters, and iconic song “Let It Go,” Frozen quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The franchise has expanded, releasing various shorts and Frozen II (2019), making Elsa and Anna beloved Disney characters. Frozen in the United States The success spawned off multiple ...

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Check Out This Sneak Peek of Disney’s First ‘Frozen’ Roller Coaster

Characters, songs, and stories from Frozen (2013) have been a staple of several Disney Park experiences since the animated film debuted 10 years ago. With the continued success of the original film following Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff, followed up with the sequel, Frozen 2 (2019), Disney is continuing to expand upon Frozen-inspired offerings in the theme parks. RELATED: Disney ...

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