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Are These Walt Disney World “Facts” True or False? You Decide!


A lot of myths have sprung up about Walt Disney World over the years, and these are often cited by Disney fans as facts. Which makes sense – truth is often stranger than fiction, and there are some pretty wild truths about Walt Disney World!   But how is a Disney Guest to know which WDW “facts” really are true?   We ...

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These Are the Most Iconic Sounds in Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World was designed to be enjoyed using all of our senses. Imagineers know that our sense of smell, for example, can create wonderfully powerful memories for Guests. And just as there are key scents that can immediately make you think of a specific ride, shop, or Resort Hotel, there are also certain sounds that make a Guest returning ...

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How to Feel Like a Kid Again at Walt Disney World

Decades ago, Walt Disney created a magical world that endures and continues to grow today, generations later. Part of his success was recognizing and encouraging the child in all of us. “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”, is one of Walt’s famous quotes, and this concept is still at the core of Walt Disney World.   If you’ve ever visited ...

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Things That Happen in Walt Disney World but Not in Real Life

Walt Disney World exists in its own magical bubble, where Guests are instantly distanced from the cares and responsibilities of the real world.  The Disney Bubble has its own set of rules, as well as pros and cons, that distinguish it from life outside the Bubble.  Here are just a few things that regularly happen in WDW, but not in real life. ...

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