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Will the Live Action ‘Moana’ Be Hamilton-ized?

Moana looking sad/defeated

What’s Hamilton-ized? A word this writer just made up defined as “having a similarity or relation to the Broadway musical Hamilton.” Moana Re-made Earlier this year, Disney announced plans to create another live action remake. This time, they focused on the animated film Moana (2016). Dwayne Johnson is set to return as Maui, the demigod of the wind and sea, ...

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Support Grows for Will Smith to Star in ‘Moana’

Will Smith and Maui

Will Smith rose to infamy last year during the 94th Academy Awards. The Slap Heard Around the World As many people may remember, Smith walked up on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock over a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. He then returned to his seat and shouted multiple times at Rock to keep his wife’s name out ...

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Dwayne Johnson Accused of Kidnapping in $3 Billion Lawsuit

Dwayne Johnson Moana

Like many other wrestlers turned actors, Dwayne Johnson has a long history in Hollywood. The Rock Rises He first gained popularity in the Attitude Era of WWF under the stage name The Rock. While he made a name for himself in the wrestling industry, he starred in The Mummy Returns (2001) alongside Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. From there, Johnson ...

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New Character Meet and Greet Debuts at Walt Disney World

Disney's Animal Kingdom

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World’s fourth gate debuted on Earth Day in 1998 and has remained an Orlando staple ever since. Walt Disney World introduced the Tree of Life cupcake, special anniversary merchandise, and a new character meet-and-greet as part of the festivities. Fans of Disney’s 2016 animated film, Moana, will finally ...

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Yes, There Are Male Disney Princess Equivalents and Here They Are

Disney Princes Feature Image

In many ways, Disney Princesses are the ones who dominate Walt Disney film productions, entertainment, and public interests in general. From appearing as themed toys and apparel to making appearances throughout various Disney Park and Resort locations worldwide, second only to Mickey Mouse and the Gang, the Princesses are often the first ones that come to mind when you think ...

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