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Viral Video Assures That Human Remains Can Be Found in Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

Auction scene featuring Pirate Redd, the auctioneer, and townspeople in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean continues to spark debate, entering a new dispute regarding human remains found in the attraction, allegedly exposed by a viral video. From Johnny Depp’s involvement in the franchise as Captain Jack Sparrow to a reboot sequel, “woke” complaints, and an uncertain future at Disney Parks, Pirates of the Caribbean continues to spark debate. This time, the ...

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7 Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance at MK and Minnie Mouse

Pirates of the Caribbean is your quintessential Disney attraction. It’s in both Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park; it has touches of Walt Disney himself, it’s full of intricate details and cutting-edge audio-animatronics, and it has an original song that earworms itself into the minds of everyone who rides it. Related:TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know the ...

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Disney Faces Backlash Over Alleged Demand for Johnny Depp’s Return in ‘Pirates 6

Jack Sparrow Black Pearl Ship

It’s been seven long years since Disney released a new installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, and while fans want desperately for Walt Disney Pictures to bring Johnny Depp back as the lovable but nearly-always-inebriated Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney’s current demand for his return is laughable, ridiculous, and, quite frankly, a slap in the actor’s face. Johnny ...

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What to Know about the Incoming Magic Kingdom Lounge

Magic Kingdom Alcohol

“Drink up me hearties…” Magic Kingdom, the Disney park that was once adamant about excluding alcohol, is now preparing for its first-ever lounge. Alcohol at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort once featured a “dry” Magic Kingdom Park, meaning no alcoholic beverages were served on the park property. However, in 2012, this all changed when the park welcomed Be Our ...

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