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Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Shut down at Disney for Large Refurbishment

Guests riding a Pirates of the Caribbean boat at Tokyo Disneyland.

Disney’s classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has closed down. Related: Disney Demolishes Magic Kingdom Attraction, Ends Free Theme Park Perk Forever Despite a long list of classic rides, Pirates of the Caribbean is arguably Disney’s most iconic and legendary attraction ever. Filled with incredible theming, dozens of animatronics, and a catchy main song, Pirates of the Caribbean has become ...

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New Queue Mandate Hits Disney Park, Reins in Chaotic Guests

Disnaey park demand high, shown through crowded theme park in Tokyo

One Disney park is trying to get ahead of the chaos by introducing yet another kind of virtual queue. Disney theme parks are busy at the best of times. However, some things attract more chaos than others. New attractions, for example, tend to generate mass crowds that Disney has tried to bring under control with virtual queues over the past ...

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Disney Park Rejects Tiana Retheme, Doubles Down on Splash Mountain

Tokyo Disneyland Splash Mountain

One Disney theme park is doubling down on the original version of Splash Mountain. As was first announced in June 2020, both Disneyland Resort and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom closed their versions of Splash Mountain in 2023 to make way for a new attraction inspired by The Princess and the Frog (2009). Related: Grand Return Confirmed – Disney Ending Years-Long Closure, ...

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Disney Parks Offer Lowest Ticket Prices in 34 Years at $52

Tokyo Disneyland

Two Disney theme parks are officially at their cheapest in 34 years – and diehard fans are encouraging others to visit as soon as possible. No matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable for a Disney vacation to take a toll on your wallet. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels like visiting Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort has ...

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Disney Park Responds to Trash Concerns: ‘Taking Steps for Improvement

Disney Parks

A recent viral complaint on X (formerly known as Twitter) has gained an official response from one Disney park. Earlier this week, X user @ktnmata shared an image from a recent Disney trip. Instead of focusing on usual characters, castle, or food, this image showcased what they consider an ongoing issue: overflowing trash. これ、ディズニーのゴミ箱だよ、ありえなくない?ディズニーで初めてこんなにガッカリした。驚くことに、すぐそばに案内キャスト何人もいるの。なぜほっとく?ゴミ箱清掃は私の仕事じゃない的な…?入らないから上に積み上がってて、仕方なく置いたら崩れてきて洋服汚れました。改善のため拡散希望 — karen 0y(2023.7)? (@ktnmata) March ...

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Disney Resort Guests Face Price Hike Due to New Taxes

Tokyo Disney Resort

A new lodging tax is set to make it more expensive for those visiting one Disney resort. When visiting any Disney theme park resort, guests have the choice between staying on or off property. Although Disney offers “Value Resorts” — such as Disney All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World and Disney Hotel Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris — at ...

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Disney Purges Gendered Language from Haunted Mansion, Embraces Inclusivity

Haunted Mansion Tokyo Disneyland

In an effort to remain inclusive, Disney has been working to eliminate divisive attractions, shows, and language from their theme parks. We’ve seen the removal of Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, changes to opening day attractions like Country Bear Jamboree, and now, a very specific change to the fan-favorite Haunted Mansion. Besides updating old attractions and shows, ...

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Get Your Checkbooks Ready, Disney Park About to Go Up For Sale

Disney Park For Sale

In America, the Walt Disney Company is having its own problems with activist investors. Nelson Peltz is launching his second proxy war against the Disney Company’s Board, seeking two seats to change Disney’s direction. However, the Walt Disney Company is actively trying to fight back against Peltz and has frequently argued that he does not have a concrete plan to ...

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