9 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday At Walt Disney World

credit: Disney

Your birthday is something special and should be celebrated. What better way to celebrate it than by going to the happiest place on earth? Whether it’s with family or friends, you deserve to have a magical day. Your birthday is all about you after all. Here are nine ways that you can celebrate your big day at Disney.


9) You Can Dress Up

You can go all out on your birthday at Walt Disney World with Disney T-shirts, Disney birthday Mickey ears, etc. Dress as crazy as you want, that’s completely acceptable at Disney. Disney allows you to be a kid at any age without getting strange looks. Do it up big, you will have more fun that way. Remember, though, that only kids are allowed to dress in costume.

8) Try Something Different

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World many times you probably have a pretty normal routine when you’re there. Now it’s your birthday, so try something new. Make this trip different than all the other ones. Finally face your fears and go on the ride that you’ve wanted to try. You can then look back and say that you were brave on your birthday.

7) Treat Yourself

Even if you’re a healthy eater, it’s your birthday, you deserve to treat yourself. Get a birthday cupcake or a Mickey ice cream. Walt Disney World has some amazing baked goods that everyone will love. You have to have some kind of special dessert on your birthday. You’ll be doing so much walking at the parks that you’ll burn off those extra calories anyway.

6) Fireworks

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by seeing one of the best firework shows on the planet? It’s no secret that Walt Disney World does not hold back when it comes to their firework shows. The only question will be which end of the evening shows to pick. You and your friends will be amazed at what Disney can do, it’s guaranteed to be incredible and a memory that you won’t soon forget.


5) Head To Disney Springs

Your birthday only happens one day of the year so you really deserve to do something different and special. Why not go to Disney Springs and enjoy birthday shopping, yummy food, and fantastic entertainment! We suggest floating into the sky on Aerophile. Disney Springs has something for everyone – PLUS no park ticket required!

4) Take Lots of Pictures

Most likely you’ll be at Walt Disney World with family or friends. You’ll be making memories that you’ll never want to forget. Make sure you take a lot of pictures. You get to always keep them and look back on how incredible your birthday was. Plus you can post them online so your friends can see how much fun you are having. PhotoPass can help, but it’s always good to take some pictures on your own too.

3) Birthday Button

This is something you’ll want to get right at the beginning of the day. You can get a free Happy Birthday button with your name on it. All day you’ll feel extra special as you are wished a happy birthday. Sometimes cast members will like to make your birthday even more special so who knows, they might have something up their sleeves. It’s also a souvenir that you can always keep from your birthday and your Disney vacation.

2) You Call the Shots

It’s your birthday, so you should be in charge, but not in a mean way. You should get to ride your favorite rides and go to your favorite restaurant. Even if you want to ride the same ride ten times, it’s your birthday so why not? No one likes a bossy person, but you really should get to do everything that you want on your special day, since it only happens once a year. Your friends can call the shots on their birthdays, right now it’s your turn.

1) Special Birthday Meal

Walt Disney World has some amazing dining options to choose from. You deserve to have an amazing birthday meal. Even locals that go to Disney all the time will have their birthday meal at one of Disney’s restaurants. There are so many places to choose from that you are sure to find a place that you will love. Many of the restaurants take reservations, so make sure to make one up to 180 days in advance so you are guaranteed in. Be sure to let the Cast Member taking your reservation and again the Cast Member serving you that you are celebrating your birthday… you never know if dropping a hint will get you a free dessert!

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