The Best Perks of Visiting Walt Disney World Right Now

Credit: Disney

It’s a time like no other at Walt Disney World.  It can be easy to focus on what’s missing from the typical magical Disney experience, but we’d prefer to look on the bright side!  Here are our five best perks to visiting Walt Disney World right now:


1. Quick Service is Actually Quick!

One of the highlights of my recent visits to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom was how smooth the mobile quick service ordering was.  Quick service dining is generally one of my least favorite experiences at Disney – the long lines, being squished like sardines at the counter waiting for your order, and then roaming around with heavy trays trying to find an empty seat is just not my idea of fun.  But know what is fun?  Popping in an order on the mobile app, getting a notification two minutes later that it’s ready, walking through an empty entrance way, picking it up, and finding a seat all without bumping into anyone!!

2. Food and Wine is Fun!

Some people will say it’s always fun, but in recent years I’ve felt overwhelmed by the crowds and haven’t even bothered to wait in the crazy lines to try the food and wine that the festival is known for.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to spread out at EPCOT and by the manageable lines at the festival.  The park still had the fun festival vibe, and the treats are much more accessible. 

3. Shorter Wait Times and Lines That Flow

For the most part, and especially on weekdays, the Walt Disney World parks are seeing shockingly short wait times for most attractions.  Many lines are just as long as it takes you to walk through the que, and even rides with traditionally epic wait times like Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom and Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom have had much more modest wait times.  Even if you are facing a long wait, the lack of Fastpass+ lines allows the standby line to move much quicker than in the past, and you’ll likely find yourself moving steadily along instead of starting and stopping for long periods of time. 

Avatar Flight of Passage


4. New Attractions

Visitors to Hollywood Studios are loving the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride! Normally in its first year it would be an incredibly hard to get a Fastpass+ for this ride and guests would have super long standby lines. Now there’s no need to worry about a Fastpass+ and the wait times are way more reasonable!  Also in Hollywood Studios, Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge continues to delight riders and to be called the best ride in all of Walt Disney World.  While its still luck of the draw to get a boarding pass, you no longer have to be at the park pre-dawn to try to get one, so we’ll consider that a perk!

Credit: Disney

5. Space to Breathe in Line

Theme park lines are not known for providing personal space, especially on attractions where you’re asked to “fill in all available space.”  If you are someone who enjoys having a personal bubble and not rubbing elbows with other sweaty visitors, you will love the six-foot spacing in all of the attraction lines.  With clear markers on the ground every six feet, I found that guests had a high level of compliance with the spacing and standing in line was much more comfortable than it normally would be.   

EPCOT Weekend Crowds

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