The Debate: Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest

Cinderella's Royal Table vs Be Our Guest
Credit: Disney

A royal debate between Cinderella and Belle. Which would you choose?

At Walt Disney World, Guests can enjoy many magical experiences. All four Parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, offer classic characters from iconic Disney movies. One way to experience your favorite characters is through a character meet and greet. Others can be riding their attractions, if they’re lucky enough to get one in a Disney Park, or in other ways like dining experiences and merchandise.

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has the grand focal point of Cinderella Castle, so it’s only fitting the Princess got her very own restaurant. Within the castle sits Cinderella’s Royal Table, a dine-in restaurant considered fine dining and character dining. Just across the way, also in Fantasyland, is another Princesses enchanted castle, Be Our Guest Restaurant. Be Our Guest is the Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast (1991).

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The classic Disney film Cinderella was released in 1951 and was said to be Walt Disney’s favorite Princess. So it only seems that much more deserving she has her castle and restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Years later, when Beauty and the Beast entered the list of Princesses, she earned her spot in the Magic Kingdom, too.

Both restaurants offer a decadent experience, with the possibility of meeting your favorite Princess, all while being immersed in what feels like their home. The fairytale dining experiences allow Guests to dine like royalty would, enjoying a meal in majestic style.

Recently, a Disney Guest took to the internet to debate restaurant experiences, asking which was better. So which restaurant is better, Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest Restaurant? Let’s debate!

Cinderella's Royal Table vs Be Our Guest

Credit: Disney

The Facts

We can start by saying that both restaurants are a unique experience. Where else can you meet your favorite Princess and enjoy a fine dining experience? It can be the most magical start or end to your day and truly become an unforgettable experience part of your trip.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while Be Our Guest is only open for lunch and dinner. Both restaurants are priced in the highest range of four dollar signs, detailing over $60 per adult. Reddit user asked, “Keep it simple. Cinderella’s Table or Be Our Guest?”

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The biggest difference between the two restaurants is that Cinderella’s Royal Table is a character dining. Additionally, they serve different styles of foods (somewhat). “During your time inside the castle, enjoy a visit with Disney Princesses,” Disney writes. Furthermore, this restaurant offers American cuisine with entrees like Spice-rubbed Pork Tenderloin and Parisian Gnocchi.

Interior of Cinderella's Royal Table

Credit: Disney

A few steps away at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Guests would be so lucky to dine with a Princess! But that’s not to say Belle or Beast won’t make a Guest appearance as they have previously. As the restaurant is not labeled as a character dining experience though, it’s only the cherry on top if you are dining when the characters visit. As for cuisine, Be Our Guest offers American and French cuisine, offering dishes like Trout Amandine and Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken.

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Aside from cuisine, Be Our Guest offers dining areas, The Grand Ballroom, The West Wing, and The Rose Gallery, while Cinderella’s Royal Table is one dining experience. The three rooms give the opportunity to have three completely different dining experiences at the same restaurant. But you can also note that Cinderella’s Royal Table will have different Princesses visiting during meals and days, so each dine-in experience could also vary with character meet and greets.

Be Our Guest

Credit: D23

Guest Experiences and Opinions

Guests immediately added that a reservation is not just suggested but required to dine in at Cinderella’s Royal Table, which can be a feat to get in itself. Be Our Guest offers takeout, allowing Guests to experience the food even if they are not dining in. One Guest commented on their experience with both,
I’ve done both. We got super lucky and got the best table in the house at CRT. We were seated before sunset and got some great sunset pics of fantasyland. Got a great pic of the back of the castle after (it was roped off for fireworks) I enjoyed the experience but don’t feel the need to do it again. I’m going to BOG Monday night. Last time was in 2015 when it was regular menu instead of set price. We ate in the west wing which is super cool. I hope that’s where we get seated this time. I think each one is an experience to have.
Comparing the two restaurants, it seems the best way to gain your knowledge on which to experience is really to try them both! Each offers its own magical dining option that any avid Disney Guest would love to experience at least once in their Disney lifetime.

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