The Flag Retreat at Walt Disney World

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Many guests may not know that there is a Flag Retreat ceremony held each day at Walt Disney World (and there is a version of the Flag Retreat at Disneyland in California, too).  It is an amazing experience that we definitely recommend that guests fit into their schedule.  Here is all that you need to know about the Flag Retreat at Walt Disney World:


8. What is the Flag Retreat?

Guests at Magic Kingdom Park are able to watch the ceremony for the flag to retire for the evening.  It is a special tribute to thank veterans for their service, sacrifice and dedication to protecting our country.  The pledge is said and then there is musical accompaniment for the retreat.  Members of Color Guard fold the flag and then a Guest veteran is handed the flag, followed by a procession down Main Street, U.S.A.

7. Where to find it and how long it lasts.

The daily Flag Retreat is held on Main Street, U.S.A. at the flag pole.  It is typically held around 5 PM EST each day and lasts around 15 minutes.

6. Be sure to confirm the time.

Due to other events or during certain seasons, it is possible that Disney will have to change the scheduled time for the ceremony.  If this is something that you really want to see, you will want to double check the time so that you make sure you don’t miss out.


5. The veterans receive a special gift.

The veteran that is selected to participate in the ceremony receives special commemorative items for the experience.  They receive a special certificate, a photo from the event and an exclusive pin.  This is such a special way to honor our veterans and remind them how much they mean to all of us.

4. There are special musical guests at the event.

After guests are lead to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the Main Street Philharmonic conduct and amazing performance of “Star Spangled Banner.”  Then the Dapper Dans (one of my personal favorites) are usually also at the event to perform “God Bless America” for guests.  The musical accompaniments make the entire experience even more moving.

3. How the veterans are selected.

There is no sign-up or anything like that to be selected.  Typically the selection is made in the morning.  To be selected, it is usually helpful to be wearing something that would indicate that you are a veteran so that it increases your likelihood of being selected.  We’d also recommend getting to the park early and engaging with cast members around the front of the park.  That could also help you get noticed and get selected for the event.

2. There is kid participation as well.

There is also a kid that is chosen to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance during the event.  The kiddo is usually chosen early in the morning, too.  If your kiddo wants to be picked, it is usually help to get there very early and chat up the cast members.  Wearing patriotic or fun Disney clothing to help them stand out, may also help them get picked.

1. Bring your tissues.

The event is extremely moving and can be emotional to witness.  You may find yourself a little choked up at the whole thing.  It is awesome to see so many people come together to express their love, support and appreciation for our country and veterans.

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