The Port Orleans Duo: Port Orleans Riverside vs. French Quarter at Walt Disney World

If you have been trying to decide between a stay at Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter, then you have come to the right place.  It can be a very difficult decision to make.  We have outlined some of the key factors that guests consider when making their resort decisions and highlighted how the two resorts stack up.  The ultimate verdict is dependent on the needs and preferences for your individual party, but this should definitely help in making that decision:


6. Resort themes

Riverside – The resort has a beautiful, relaxing feel.  There is a bayou area and mansion areas with the resort buildings and surroundings perfectly themed to match the areas.  The walkways along the river area are beautiful, too.

French Quarter – The resort is themed after New Orleans French Quarter.  You can celebrate Mardi Gras all year long at the resort, but still with a very romantic feel to the way that the resort is decorated.

5. Room options and capacity.

Riverside – There is a wider variety of room options at the resort.  The resort does offer rooms that are able to accommodate parties with up to 5 guests.  The resort also offers Royal Rooms that are themed after Princess in the Frog.  The resort overall is much larger than French Quarter, so there are more buildings and options to choose from.

French Quarter – The max number of guests for any of the room options at this resort is 4.  So this resort isn’t ideal for a family of 5, unless parties are splitting into multiple rooms.  This resort is also the smallest of the moderate resorts.  The buildings are closer together and it is very quick and easy to get around the entire resort.  This limits the amount of room options, though.

4. Transportation options.

Riverside – The resort has bus transportation to all of the theme parks, water parks and other attractions.  There is also boat transportation to Disney Springs.  Guests can also walk between the two resorts.

French Quarter – The resort has the exact same transportation options as Riverside, including the boat ride to Disney Springs. The pro for French Quarter is that the resort only has one bus stop.  All other moderate resorts have multiple bus stops throughout the resort that take added time to get to your destination.


3. Swimming pool comparison.

Riverside – The theming for the pool area, Ol’ Man Island Pool, is much less exciting.  It is a fun and relaxing pool area, but not a lot that is very memorable about it.  It does have a slide and various swimming areas with different depths.

French Quarter – Doubloon Lagoon has a really fun and unique theme.  The pool area has the alligator band and there is a 51-foot long serpent themed slide.  The beautiful colors and theme are just so much more fun and whimsical, especially for the kiddos.

2. Dining options

Riverside – Over at Riverside you will find the table service restaurant, Boatwright’s Dining Hall.  There is also a large food court at the resort with a variety of different options.

French Quarter – The resort also has a large quick service food court, but doesn’t have a table service restaurant.  It is a short walk to get to Boatwright’s Dining Hall, though.   French Quarter does have an advantage in that it is the home of the guest-favorite beignets!

1. Cost and discount options

Riverside – The rack rates for both of the resorts are usually around the same and comparable to each other.  The big pro for Riverside over French Quarter is that Riverside is typically eligible for most of the discounts and promotions that are offered.

French Quarter – Since French Quarter is extremely popular and is a much smaller resort, the resort doesn’t need discounts and promotions to fill up the rooms.  Because of this, popular promotions like Free Dining typically aren’t available for the resort.

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