The Pros and Cons of Disney World’s Value Resorts


  1. Further away from most theme park destinations

This is one major point that tends to deter guests from staying at the value resorts, however from my experience this has never been enough of an issue for me to keep me from staying there. If you look at a map of the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s not difficult to see that the value resorts are pretty much the most out of the way compared to the other areas of the resort. (You might be able to argue that Animal Kingdom Lodge is out of way as well, however the other activities and amenities offered at the resort, and its close proximity to Animal Kingdom make up for that in my book.) While the value resorts are physically further away from many of the theme parks, I’ve never had this be an issue for me while staying there. This might however be an issue for you if you’re used to staying say, on the monorail loop, or in walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you think that you’d desperately miss the ability to walk from your resort to a theme park, you might want to reconsider staying at a value resort.

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