The Pros And Cons Of Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts

A Walt Disney World value resort can be a great place to stay if you’re looking to save some extra money while also staying on Disney property. Whether you regularly stay at value resorts and love it, or if you’re just looking to save some money on your next trip but you’ve never experienced them before, I’ve always enjoyed my stays at the values and have only good things to say. Speaking more generally however, there are some pros and cons associated with these resorts. If you’re thinking about staying at a value resort in the future, read on to see my list of pros and cons of these resorts:



  1. Price

For staying on property at a Disney resort, you simply cannot beat the price of a value resort. Disney’s value resorts are on par (or slightly more expensive) with resorts that are off property. Though you may find some resorts off property to be slightly cheaper than Disney’s value resorts, I would still recommend staying on property for a number of reasons. If you’re definitely planning on staying on Disney property, there is no question that the value resorts are the cheapest way to go.

  1. Value

This pro is where I would compare the value resorts with staying off property, which is generally the other “cheap” option to do Disney with. If you stay off property, you’d likely be spending the same amount of money as you would at a Disney value resort, or even less, however the greater value is found in staying on Disney property regardless of which resort you are staying at. Each Disney resort stay includes certain perks like complimentary transportation within the Walt Disney World Resort, airport transportation, package pickup of items purchased in the theme parks, and participation in Extra Magic Hours. In addition, if the Dining Plan sounds like it would be a good deal for your family, this service is also only offered to Disney resort guests. Because of all of reasons, I believe that there is a greater value in staying at a Disney value resort than there is with the only other “value level” alternative of staying off property.

  1. Disney service

All Disney resorts come with the same excellent, first class level of Disney service. This means that by staying at a value resort, when you’re used to staying at a deluxe, you’re not going to lose out on any of that Disney service you’ve come to know and love. Sure, there will be a difference between club level at the Grand Floridian and concierge in the lobby of All Star Sports, however both cast members receive the same training and are equally equipped to help with whatever your needs are. Just remember that when you stay at a value resort, you’re losing out on things like table service restaurants, and uniquely themed shops, but you’ll never lose out on the legendary Disney service.



  1. Large groups generally stay there

If you prefer a quiet resort, filled with couples and families, the value resorts might not be the best fit for you. Large tour groups, cheerleaders, and school field trip groups can generally be found staying at the value resorts simply because they are the cheapest and therefore easiest to plan with a large group. While I would list this as a con, I’ve never really had a problem with this while staying at a value resort. I’ve noticed the large groups, but since I never really spend that much time at the resort anyway, their presence has never bothered me.

  1. Theming may not be your taste

The theming of the All Star Resorts and Pop Century is basically designed to cover up the fact that the resort is built in a motel style. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you prefer the more upscale theming of some of the other Disney resorts, the large character icons at the values might not be your taste. While it’s not exactly my favorite design, I’ve never taken a huge issue with this because most of my Disney vacation is spent away from the resorts, and out in the theme parks. The themes of the values might also turn out to be a pro for your family, this point is entirely up to your own opinion.

  1. Further away from most theme park destinations

This is one major point that tends to deter guests from staying at the value resorts, however from my experience this has never been enough of an issue for me to keep me from staying there. If you look at a map of the Walt Disney World Resort, it’s not difficult to see that the value resorts are pretty much the most out of the way compared to the other areas of the resort. (You might be able to argue that Animal Kingdom Lodge is out of way as well, however the other activities and amenities offered at the resort, and its close proximity to Animal Kingdom make up for that in my book.) While the value resorts are physically further away from many of the theme parks, I’ve never had this be an issue for me while staying there. This might however be an issue for you if you’re used to staying say, on the monorail loop, or in walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you think that you’d desperately miss the ability to walk from your resort to a theme park, you might want to reconsider staying at a value resort. Thankfully, the Disney Skyliner has alleviated some of the transportation wait times to and from Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts.

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Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."