The Ultimate Checklist: 10 Things You Must Do At Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the most popular park at Disney World. This park sets records for the number of visitors that walk through the gates each year. They are so many unbelievably awesome attractions, rides, experiences, character interactions and shows to experience at the park that it can be hard to prioritize what to see and what to do. Here is my ultimate checklist of the 10 things I feel you must do at Magic Kingdom to add to your priority list:


10. Happily Ever After

Fireworks have always been the perfect way to wrap up a day at Magic Kingdom! Happily Ever After Fireworks has replaced Wishes, but has thankfully lived up to the beautiful display of fireworks, lasers, projection, music, and storytelling Magic Kingdom is known for. With 18-minutes of “heart, heroism, and humor”, Happily Ever After will send you on your way with your own “happily ever after” ending to an unforgettable Magic Kingdom day!

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

This is an iconic ride for Disney, and then ended up being the origin of a mega-hit series of movies with the great Johnny Depp. This ride has had a few refurbishments over the years, but has mostly remained the same ride that we all love and keep coming back for time and time again.

8. The Mountains

These are amongst the attractions with the longest lines at Magic Kingdom. “The Mountains” are Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. We will also throw Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in there since it looks like a mountain! These are the “thrill” rides for the park and almost always have a lengthy line, for a good reason. They are great fun and having perfect theming for each attraction.

7. Kiss Goodnight and Castle Photos

The Kiss Goodnight is an extra little castle show that occurs about 30 minutes after park closing. It is something that a lot of guests miss as they are hurrying for the buses, boats and monorail to try to beat everyone else out of the park. It is worth hanging behind for, and you get the benefit of not waiting as long for your transportation if you are one of the last ones to leave. This is also a perfect time to take pictures in front of the castle without tons of people around for beautiful photos.

6. Explore Main Street

There are so many wonderful things about Main Street. You have the amazing smells, the buildings, the music and many different shops and experiences. There is the barber shop, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Main Street Bakery, streetmosphere, and more many great things to see. Take time to walk through each of the shops, look above the shops at the upper story windows, interact with the cast members and just take everything in. So many people hurry past Main Street to get to the rides, but that would be a mistake and cause you to really miss out.


5. Carousel of Progress

This is an attraction that gets overlooked and missed by so many. There is almost never a line, so you don’t have to wait long, but is worth the visit to Tomorrowland to experience. This is one of the attractions that Walt was involved in and presented at the World’s Fair. The attraction shows its age a little bit, but it’s a nice, long, air-conditioned, seated attraction that lets you experience Walt Disney nostalgia in an entertaining way. Don’t miss it!

4. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is in Town Square theater at the front of the park, dressed in his Magician outfit making for a perfect meet and greet. This is a fantastic spot to see the Big Cheese at Magic Kingdom!

3. Dapper Dans

This amazing quartet appears on Main Street at various times throughout the day. Their sets are completely wonderful. They sing, they use instruments and they have fun, hilarious personalities. They are extremely engaging, funny and super talented. You won’t be satisfied with just seeing them once, you will want to see them multiple times.

2. The Haunted Mansion

This is an extremely loved and cherished attraction across all Disney parks, and the Magic Kingdom in Disney World is definitely no exception. The Imagineers did an amazing job with this classic and we just can’t get enough. The ride is a great place to cool off and take in all of the details. I notice new and different details every time, and am always in awe at the level of detail Disney puts in. This is a classic that can’t be missed.

1. Be Our Guest Restaurant

All of the restaurants in Magic Kingdom, including quick service locations, are wonderful. They all have a different charm and feel to them, but Be Our Guest Restaurant is once that you must fit into your vacation schedule. The restaurant really looks like the movie came to life right before your eyes. The ballroom is one of the most amazing things that Disney has pulled off to put you inside the movie. It is absolutely beautiful and we can’t seem to get enough.

About Christy Caby

I am a diehard Disney fanatic! I fell in love with all things Disney from an early age and that only increased once I first visited Walt Disney World! It led me to complete a yearlong Disney College Program working at merchandise locations within Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney-MGM Studios at that time) and I worked for Disney Parks & Resorts Technology in Project/Program Management. Now I get to write about Disney and help others plan their magical vacations! Disney holds a special place in the hearts of my entire family as my husband proposed there, we honeymooned there, took trips while pregnant with each of my boys and have visited with them many, many times from 8 weeks old through now. One of my favorite memories from each trip is always the look on my kids’ faces the first time they see the castle. I’d love to help you plan your magical vacation! Request a free quote at or look for me on Facebook at Have a magical day!