The Ultimate Checklist: 10 Things You MUST Do At Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center has enough rides, attractions, shows and restaurants to keep you busy for days. While everything at EPCOT is worth seeing, some stand out from the rest. While EPCOT has some great rides, its magic is in the combination of attractions, entertainment, and food. The best days at EPCOT involve all three. Here are our 10 things you MUST do at EPCOT:


10. See the British Revolution

This musical performance is presented at the United Kingdom pavilion. They run 20-minute shows throughout the day featuring a variety of British music from the Beatles to the Who. This fun and energetic show will have everyone, from the kids to the grandparents, dancing and singing along!

9. Meet a character in their home country

Character greetings are a fun experience at all of the Disney parks, but EPCOT offers the extra special experience of being able to meet the characters in their home countries! Kids and adults alike will delight in meeting Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland in the UK, or Belle in France. For something a little sillier, check out Donald Duck in his outfit from the Three Caballeros at the Mexican Pavilion! Make sure you check the character greeting schedules so you can fit in a World Showcase character greeting on your visit to EPCOT!

8. See the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats in China

Prepare to be amazed by this performance! It offers a nice break from walking around World Showcase and you will be awed by the acrobats’ strength, agility, and balance! Check out their show times so you can get a seat right up front – they draw a crowd!

7. Drink or snack your way around the world

whether you consider yourself a foodie, wine connoisseur, or average Joe, you MUST take advantage of the delectable drinks and treats found around the World Showcase. It would take over a week to eat a full meal at each of the restaurants in the World Showcase, but each country offers drinks and treats that allow you to have a taste of each all in the same day!

6. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

This pavilion is home to two great attractions for kids (The Seas with Nemo and Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush) and SO much more! It houses a 5.7 million gallon aquarium teeming with sea creatures, including dolphins, sharks, rays, sea turtles and fish. There is a separate tank where injured manatees are cared for, and you can learn about these gentle creatures from the researchers who work there.


5. Soarin’

This is one of the most popular rides at EPCOT, for good reason. Soarin’ provides enough excitement for the thrill seekers without scaring away those who like mellower rides. This is a great ride to use a Fastpass+ for, since it does draw a long line. However, if you can’t get a Fastpass+ it is still worth the wait, especially since the entire waiting area is in air conditioning!

4. Test Track

This is another of the most popular EPCOT rides and is not to be missed! The wait is entertaining, as you get to design your own custom concept vehicle. This is especially fun for car fanatics, and enjoyable for everyone. Next, you hit the road in your test vehicle to see how it holds up to sudden stops, sharp curves, inclement weather and, finally, at trip outside at up to 65 mph! If you want more fun after the ride is over, there are plenty of hands on exhibits to check out as you exit. Because of the tiered Fastpass+ system at EPCOT, you will need to choose between a Fastpass+ for Soarin, Test Track, or Frozen Ever After. We’d recommend walking right to Frozen Ever After (if you are a Frozen fan!), FastPass Soarin, then head for Test Track’s single rider line.

3. Dine at a table service restaurant in World Showcase

This is a must-do for every trip to Epcot! Epcot has the most, and arguably the best, table service dining choices of any of the parks. Each of the countries as at least one table service restaurant, and some have more! There is something for everyone. Do you want to try Moroccan food for the first time while belly dancers entertain you? Check out Restaurant Marrakesh. Have you been craving authentic Fish n Chips since your vacation to London a few years ago? You will find them at the Rose and Crown. If a gourmet French meal is more your style, then Monsieur Paul will not disappoint. Whichever restaurants you choose, be sure to make reservations far in advance!

2. IllumiNations

Note: Illuminations’ last show is September 30. “Epcot Forever” will begin October 1, 2019.

This nightly show features music, fireworks, lasers, lights, fire, and water is the best way to end a day at Epcot. Great views are available around the world showcase lagoon, but we recommend staking out a spot early so you can get right up front. If you’re willing to splurge, try the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party which offers reserved seating for Illuminations, a ride on Frozen Ever After without the long wait, and Frozen themed desserts and beverages.

1. Spaceship Earth

No trip to Epcot is complete without a trip through the iconic “big ball.” The highlight of the ride is simply the fact that you get to ride through the 18-story geodesic dome! The ride itself is classic Epcot, taking you on a dark ride from prehistoric time to the present to explore the evolution of communication. With its convenient location near the park entrance, Spaceship Earth is a must-ride on every trip to Epcot!

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