This Butternut Pluto Adds Disney Magic to Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for those things we are grateful for in our world. That could be friends, family or even our furry friends. This butternut squash decoration fro Disney Family is themed after Mickey’s favorite pal Pluto. It is an easy DIY project that will bring some Disney charm to your Thanksgiving dinner.


Make sure you have these supplies to get started:

  • Butternut squash (approximately 9 to 10 inches tall and 15 or 16 inches around at the bottom)*
  • PDF from Disney Family
  • Scissors
  • Black and white sticky-back felt
  • Felt scraps (black and yellow)
  • Paper towel or toilet tissue tube
  • Ruler
  • Glue dots


How to make Pluto:

  1. Print the template and use it as a pattern for cutting out the pieces from the specified types and colors of felt.
Credit: Disney Family

2. Stick the white felt eye panel to the front of the butternut squash, ideally positioning the lower edge just above the rounded bottom portion of the squash. Press the nose in place so that it just slightly overlaps the eye panel. Then press on the eyes (just above the nose) and the mouth (an inch or so from the nose).

Credit: Disney Family

3. To assemble the ears, pair each ear A with an ear B so that the sticky sides are together and the felt sides face out. Press the pieces together, except leave the tabs at the tops of the ears unstuck. Spread the tabs apart and stick them to the sides of the squash near the upper edge of the eye panel.

Credit: Disney Family

4. For Pluto’s pilgrim hat, cut a 2.5-inch section from a paper towel tube. Cut slits in the top of the tube (three quarters of an inch deep and a half inch apart), as shown.

Credit: Disney Family

5. Cut wedge-shaped slits in the black felt hat brim (as marked on the template).

Credit: Disney Family

6. Pull the brim down over the cardboard tube, as shown.

Credit: Disney Family

7. Stick the felt hat top to the tube top, using glue dots to help keep it firmly in place.

Credit: Disney Family

8. Next, wrap the felt side strip around the tube, again using glue dots to firmly stick down the overlapped edges.

Credit: Disney Family

9. Cut a pair of parallel ½-inch slits in the yellow felt buckle piece, as shown.

Credit: Disney Family

10. Thread the hatband through the buckle slits and then remove the paper backing from the hatband. Wrap the hatband around the hat and use a glue dot to secure the overlapped ends. Set the hat atop the squash, and your Butternut Pluto is ready to greet holiday guests.

Bring Mickey’s favorite pal to your Thanksgiving this year with this easy DIY butternut squash decoration. It is a festive and fun way to bring a little Mickey to the dinner table.

Source: Disney Family

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