Tips for Minimizing Germs While Eating at Walt Disney World Post Quarantine

Everyone has been missing the magic of Walt Disney World, and we’re slowly getting into our new normal with COVID-19. Walt Disney World recently reopened their parks, but with some new safety guidelines. Safety for all guests and Cast Members will always be Walt Disney World’s number one priority. That being said, here are some tips for minimizing germs while eating at Walt Disney World. 


1. Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering has become the recommended way to pay when getting a meal at Walt Disney World. It is very simple, all you need to do is go on the My Disney Experience App and you can find the list of restaurants available. You will first select a window of time that you would like to get your meal. You will then place your order through the app, you will even pay through it. Once your timeframe has arrived you will select “I’m here, prepare my order” on the app and they will make your food. You will receive a notification when it is ready. A Cast Member will be outside of the restaurant to answer any questions you may have. Once it’s ready, you will go inside, and you will head to a specific line to pick up your food. Find an open table, and enjoy your meal! You can even Mobile Order items like Dole Whip. 

2. Cashless Payments 

If you don’t have the My Disney Experience App, you can still order food. Paying with cash is discouraged at Walt Disney World, at least for the time being. Since you could be spreading germs with cash, cashless payments are the safest option for everyone. If you are staying on property you can use your Magic Band by linking it to a card, or anyone can use a credit or debit card. Disney Gift Cards are another touchless possibility. Cash is still accepted at some places, but cashless is preferred.

3. Social Distancing 

You will notice once you get into the restaurant that there are many tables marked off. Cast Members have measured the distance between tables to make sure that everyone is the appropriate space apart, especially since you obviously cannot wear a face covering while dining. Just be sure to follow the signs on the tables, and you’ll be all set. 

Credit: Disney


4. Face Covers 

While you cannot wear a face covering while eating, you will need to wear one while walking into the restaurant, picking up your order, and finding your table. If you are walking around the restaurant you will need to wear your face covering as well. Thankfully, you can now walk around outside without a mask, making eating and drinking while strolling just like it was before COVID days!

5. Cleaning 

Cast members are cleaning tables in between uses, but if you would like an extra piece of mind you can bring your own disinfecting wipes and wipe down the table before you sit down. Not saying that you need to do this, but it will never hurts to take extra precautions.

6. Hand Washing

There are restrooms near all of the restaurants at Walt Disney World, so before you go in for your meal you will want to wash your hands first. There are also handwashing stations all around the parks. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water.

7. Hand Sanitizer

There are hand sanitizer stations all over the parks and resorts. There are also stations in or near some of the restaurants. That said, it doesn’t hurt to bring some of your own, so you can use it at any moment. 

8. Utensils

Instead of using your hands to pick up your food you might want to use utensils instead. You are most likely used to picking up your burger and fries with your hands, but maybe you should use a fork and knife. It might feel weird, but that way you’re not touching your food before you eat it. The utensils at the quick service restaurants are in new dispensers that minimize the number of surfaces that are touched.

9. Bring Snacks

It never hurts to throw some granola bars or other snacks in your bag. That way, you have your own treats that you can grab at any time, and they have not been touched by others.

2020 was a crazy year, and we’re slowly trying to climb out of it now in 2021. Everyone has to adapt to the new normal. Taking a few simple measures to stop the spread of germs is a way that you can do your part to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Walt Disney World has stepped up their safety protocols. The guests need to take precautions as well.

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