Top 10 Bad Disney Theme Park Behaviors

2. Stopping in the Walk Way: I am sure we have all experienced this one a number of times. You are walking along to get to the next attraction following the flow of traffic and then all of the sudden everyone stops. There are those guests that are looking at a view in the distance or whip out their park map to see if they are close to where they want to be. What they seem to be oblivious to is the fact that they have halted traffic behind them and in some cases are blocking the path. Now guests are trying to get around them, force their way through, etc. It is REALLY annoying. If you need to check your map, fix your child a bottle, discuss your plans, etc., please move to the side of the traffic or find a place where you can stop that isn’t in the middle of the walkway. The walkways need to stay clear and moving for safety (have you notices that common theme?) and for the happiness of all guests. Everyone is moving about trying to get where they want to go and it’s just good etiquette to not block traffic.

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