Top 10 Must-Do’s at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Cross Country Creek at Blizzard Beach (Credit: Disney)

Whether it’s your first visit to Blizzard Beach or your 50th, you’ll find there is so much to see and do (and eat and drink!) at this elaborately themed Walt Disney World water park. Pack the sunscreen, and head to Florida’s only ski result with this quick list of must-do’s:

1. Cross Country Creek

Kick back and relax in Cross Country Creek, Blizzard Beach’s very own lazy river attraction. The longest lazy river on Walt Disney World property, Cross Country Creek winds around the entire park. Take it slow and spend an afternoon floating around in a tube (though keep an eye out for waterfalls and sprinklers) or make your way around the park by hopping in the river instead of going on foot.

Cross Country Creek (Credit: Disney)

2. Summit Plummet

For the ultimate thrill ride at Disney’s Blizzard, take the chair lift to the top of Summit Plummet. Designed after a ski jump, Summit Plummet gives riders thrills on one of the tallest and fastest free fall slides in the world. The 360 ft. long slide offers breathtaking views from its peak and a high speed slide to the finish at the bottom of the slide. For those guests who aren’t quite ready to ride themselves, be sure to take a look at the slide

Summit Plummet (Credit: Disney)

3. Toboggan Racers

The Toboggan Racers at Blizzard Beach offer the perfect mix of thrills and laid back fun. This eight-lane water slide follows the story of Blizzard Beach’s theming while adding a little friendly competition to your day in the parks. With three dips and hills across the 250-ft. long slides, this attraction is simply not to be missed!

Toboggan Racers (Credit: Disney)

4. Mini Donuts from Joffrey’s

Stop for something sweet at Blizzard Beach by heading over to Joffrey’s! With locations throughout Walt Disney World, Joffrey’s offers delicious coffee and handcrafted specialty beverages plus a delicious variety of sweets and treats. If you love the full sized donuts you can find at Joffrey’s locations in the other Walt Disney World theme parks, you need to try the mini donuts next time you’re at Blizzard Beach! They make for a tasty midday pick-me-up especially when paired with a frozen coffee.

Credit: Disney

5. Slush Gusher

Thinking about Summit Plummet, but not quite sure that you’re ready for that level of thrill? Meet Slush Gusher! Located right next to Summit Plummet, this side features two hills at high speeds, giving riders a thrilling rush that’s totally exhilarating but not to the point of Summit Plummet. The multiple hills rather than a straightforward drop can be just as exciting as Summit Plummet, but is often a little easier on the stomach (and nerves!) for those who aren’t yet ready to take the plunge.

Slush Gusher (Credit: Disney)

6. Tike’s Peak

Disney’s water parks are very family-friendly compared to their competitors around the country, and Tike’s Peak is the place to go with little ones. There you’ll find smaller slides that are just their size offering toddler-friendly doses of thrills all in line with the park’s immersive theming and storytelling elements.

Tike’s Peak (Credit: Disney)

7. Teamboat Springs

For something most of the family can experience together, head over to Teamboat Springs. This family raft ride is one of the longest of its kind not only at Walt Disney World but anywhere in the world! The slide is 1,200 ft. long with small drops, dips, twists, turns, rapids, and spray areas. You could try to avoid all of the sprays and splashes, but ultimately it’s up to gravity which member of the family gets the wettest!

Teamboat Springs (Credit: Disney)

8. Melt-Away Bay

Melt-Away Bay is the park’s wave pool. At an acre large, it’s one of the biggest around but the waves are moderate enough to feel accessible for the whole family. (Walt Disney World’s other water park, Typhoon Lagoon, is a whole different story with their wave pool!) Melt-Away Bay is a nice spot to get away from the more thrilling attractions and relax on a lounge chair or simply go for a swim. For the ultimate splurge while visiting Blizzard Beach, cabana rentals are also available nearby.

Melt-Away Bay (Credit: Disney)

9. Runoff Rapids

Runoff Rapids are made up of a group of three slides, each a little bit different, with twists, turns and drops, sometimes through the dark! It’s another one of the park’s more moderate attractions that certainly offers a level of thrill that will make most riders feel accomplished but nothing close to the exhilaration of Summit Plummet or even of Slush Gusher. Try all three slides and see which one is your favorite!

Runoff Rapids (Credit: Disney)

10. Polar Pub

We can’t leave Blizzard Beach without pointing out where the adult beverages are–You can find beer, wine, and select cocktails all over the park, but we have to recommend the Polar Pub in particular. When available, this drink stand offers bar seating and the Disney resort standard cocktail menu, giving you the chance to order some of your favorite Disney drinks while enjoying a day at Blizzard Beach.

Polar Pub (Credit: Disney)

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