Top 12 Things You Absolutely Can Not Take Into The Walt Disney World Parks

Disney World might be the most magical place on earth, but all magic comes with some restrictions, and Disney World is no exception. In fact, Disney has more rules than you might imagine, and breaking their rules can get you kicked out of the park and even blacklisted. Many of the rules at Disney World pertain to what a guest may or may not bring into the parks. Therefore, you will want to be careful when packing your backpack each morning. The list below includes the top 12 things you absolutely cannot bring into Disney parks. Avoid packing these things, and you should be good to go.


1. Weapons

For obvious reasons, weapons are absolutely not allowed in Disney parks. Disney takes this rule very seriously, and even includes items such as pocket knives, toy guns, and other toy weapons on their list of prohibited items. Therefore, you will definitely want to get rid of anything that even kind of resembles a weapon before heading to the security check.

2. Selfie Sticks

This one might seem silly, but Disney had good reason to ban selfie sticks. It seems people were using the things on rides, putting themselves and others in danger. If you do manage to sneak one in, a cast member will most definitely confiscate it as soon as you pull it out to use it.

3. Glass Containers

Packing a lunch to take into the parks? That is perfectly fine with the folks at Disney, as long as that lunch doesn’t include any glass containers. The exceptions to this rule are glass containers of baby food and glass bottles of perfume.

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4. Wagons, Skateboards, Skates, Wheeled Shoes, or Scooters

Basically anything with wheels that isn’t a stroller or mobility device will be turned away at Disney’s park gates. This includes wagons, skateboards, skates and rollerblades, wheeled shoes, and scooters. The reason for this? Disney is a crowded place, and the use of these wheeled devices would most certainly end in injury.

5. Drones or Remote-Controlled Toys

Also on the prohibited list are drones and other remote-controlled items. These things could easily get out of control and trip a person (or worse). Additionally, camera drones pose privacy concerns. These seem like perfectly logical reasons to ban the things from the parks.

6. Chairs

Think you’re going to be clever and pack some camp chairs to save your spot for the parade? Think again. It seems people have tried this in the past and ended up causing some major congestion. For this reason, no folding chairs or stools are allowed to pass through the gates, meaning you’re stuck sitting on the ground or standing.

7. Wrapped Gifts

Wrapped gifts seem like a weird thing to ban. After all, how many kids celebrate their birthdays in Disney World each year? Unfortunately, the ban had to happen for security reasons. Security guards need to see what’s passing through the gates in order to ensure we’re all safe and sound in our Disney bubble.

8. Large Coolers

While small, soft-sided coolers are allowed in the parks—and are quite handy for keeping that packed lunch cold—hard sided coolers, especially those that are large in size, are not okay. Leave the giant camping ice chests at home and go for a well-insulated lunch box instead.

9. Large Tripods

Everyone wants good photos of their Disney trip, and for some of the more serious photographers out there, this means packing a tripod. That said, it is important that these individuals are aware that large tripods that don’t fit inside a backpack are not allowed in the parks. Seeking out a smaller tripod is definitely the best bet.

10. Large Strollers

Clearly you’re going to want to have a stroller with you to keep the little ones contained and give them a place to rest. However, there are some limitations on what kind of stroller you can bring along. Strollers must be less than 36″ x 52″, a range that includes most (but not all) strollers out there.

11. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are pretty easy to obtain while in the Disney parks. Still, they are very expensive, something that leads some people to attempt packing their own drinks. This is something that Disney does not allow, and those individuals will be asked to remove the drinks from their bags before entering the park.

12. Pets

Lastly, Disney doesn’t allow pets. That said, service animals that are trained to perform tasks for a disabled person may be brought into the park without issue.

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