Top 15 Awesome Treats You Must Try at Walt Disney World

11) Loaded Fries

Chances are that you can get loaded fries at home, but somehow they are a literal cut above the rest at Walt Disney World. They are available at several different places. You can enjoy Pub Fries at ESPN Club, Loaded Tots at AMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In Theatres, Loaded Fries at Splitsville, or Plaza Loaded Fries at The Plaza Restaurant, to name a few. If you want an international twist on your loaded fries, stop by The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs. If you prefer your fries a little bit simpler, order the freshly cut fries at D-Luxe Burger, also at Disney Springs. Make sure you try the house-made dipping sauces, they take simple fries to a whole new level.

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