8 Great Perks That Come With Annual Passes At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a place that you can’t just go once. Each time you’re there you can discover something new. The best way to go as much as you can is with an Annual Pass. If you are a Florida resident there are many different ones to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will fit your budget. Whether you are local or not there are many reasons you should consider getting an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World.


8) Bragging Rights

Who isn’t jealous of someone who can go to Walt Disney World whenever they want? You don’t have to be annoying about it, but you can every now and then throw that into a conversation. Who knows, maybe that will make your friends buy passes too so you can all go together.

7) Easy Weekend Getaway

This one will only apply to those who don’t live too far away. You have a weekend coming up but don’t have any plans? What’s a better weekend getaway than Walt Disney World? You already have a pass, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of the tickets.

6) Passholder Gifts

There will be times when Passholders can get limited edition merchandise for free. There will be other times that you can buy Passholder only items. Since many of these items are limited edition they may run out fast, especially the free gifts.

5) Discounts on Some Restaurants

Some of the restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort offer a discount to Passholders. Most of the restaurants at the parks do not offer a discount but it never hurts to ask. However, many of the restaurants (but not all) at Disney Springs and at the Walt Disney World Resorts do. Just ask your server and they will be happy to answer any questions.

4) Discounts on Hotels

While planning your Walt Disney World vacation figuring out where you are going to stay is an important detail. If you stay at one of the amazing Walt Disney World Resort hotels you can often get a discount if you are a Passholder. Just let them know you are a Passholder when you are booking your vacation and they will take care of you.


3) Discounts on Merchandise

When you are at Walt Disney World there are gift shops everywhere and many things that you will want to buy. With this perk maybe you can get a couple extra things. As a Passholder, you will get discounts on all sorts of amazing items around the whole resort. So go ahead and buy those extra Mickey Ears.

2) Memory Maker

Memory Maker has made it easy for you to get some great quality pictures without having to worry about having your fancy camera with you. Now it’s even better if you are a Passholder, because it is included for no extra cost. You can minutes later log into your account and see and download your pictures. Memory Maker is not available with all Florida resident passes.

1) Free Theme Park Parking (does not include Resort overnight parking)

Especially if you are local listen up, this right here will most likely end up paying for itself. As a Passholder you will not have to worry about paying for parking at the theme parks, it’s included. You don’t need this if you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, but if you are staying off property this is a benefit that will save you a lot of money.

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