Top Pros & Cons for Staying at All-Star Resorts at Walt Disney World

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The All-Star Resorts at Walt Disney World are a penny pincher’s dream come true. These Value Resorts allow you to stay onsite for less, and they offer plenty of awesome Disney magic for that low price. Still, there are some cons to staying at these resorts, and knowing these drawbacks going in can certainly help you plan accordingly. Therefore, we’ve collected a list of our favorite (and least favorite) things about these resorts. If you plan to stay in an All-Star Resort soon, be sure to read this article so you fully understand what to expect.



Want to know the best parts about taking at one of these fabulous Disney Resorts? Below are the top four pros:

Pro #1: Low Prices

The number one reason we choose to stay at any of the All -Star Resorts is price. Sometimes prices fall under $100 a night, meaning staying on-site is not much more than staying off-property. To top it all off, you can sometimes even find discounts for these resorts, and that makes for some amazing deals that you’d probably never expect from a Disney hotel.

Pro #2: Fun Themed Pools

Every single Disney resort has several fun themed pools, and the All-Star Resorts are no exception. Kids adore this fact, and during the insanely hot Florida summer months, these pools can be a real lifesaver. The fun themes—such as a guitar-shaped pool and a totally tubular surfing-themed pool—make these cool-down spots even more awesome. Be sure to pack a swimsuit!

Pro #3: Family Suites Available

Not everyone is aware of this fact, but there are actually family suites available at the All-Star Music hotel. This is wonderful because it means families with more than one kid can stay on Disney property without breaking the bank. These family suites sleep up to six people 3 and over, as well as one baby. They include two bathrooms and a small kitchen, meaning you can spread out and get comfy during your vacation.


Pro #4: Disney Benefits

Despite the low, low price of these hotels (relatively speaking), guests still receive all the same Disney benefits they would get at any other Disney-owned hotel. These benefits include MagicBands included in the room rate, a 60-day FastPass booking window, delivery of in-park purchases to your room, Disney’s Magical Express airport transportation, and more.


Now that you know the good stuff, let’s talk a bit about the less-than-stellar parts of these budget-friendly hotels. Below are our top 4 cons. None are terrible, but all should be kept in mind.

Con #1: Large Groups

Because they’re easy on the wallet, All-Star Resorts are often where large groups—such as sports teams, dance troupes, and church groups—choose to stay. This can mean huge crowds of kids and teens to contend with, and large lines for breakfast each morning. That said, the crowds are never so bad they can’t be dealt with, and if you go in knowing to expect this, you’ll likely be just fine with it.

Con #2: Long Walks

The All-Star Resorts are pretty spread out. Depending on which room you get, this could mean long walks to things like the main pool, arcade, food court, and bus stops. Of course, this can be dealt with by requesting a room close to the action. Besides, some people actually prefer to be far from the busy areas in order to keep noise levels down, so this could work out to be a pro in some cases.

Con #3: Crowded Buses

All three All-Star Resorts share buses to and from the parks. This means the bus very well could be completely full by the time it gets to you. Even if it isn’t, it’ll likely be pretty crowded on the way to the park. Additionally, the shared bus system can be problematic at closing time when everyone wants a bus and the All-Star buses fill incredibly quickly.

Con #4: Fewest Amenities

Finally, we must point out that while the All-Star Resorts do give you a lot for your money, and while you do still get most of the benefits of staying on-property, these hotels are not nearly as plush as others on Disney property. The beds are smaller, there are no in-room microwaves or coffee makers (unless you’re in a family suite), and hot tubs and slides are missing from the pool area. Still, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, these things can be easily overlooked.

Overall, we like the All-Star Resorts. We think they are the perfect option for families on a budget, and love that they allow those with less to spend a chance to stay in the Disney bubble for a few nights.

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