Top Pros & Cons for Staying at Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a moderate level hotel that promises a true getaway.  It enjoys a beautiful and pristine spot on Lago Dorado (take a walk here at night for a truly memorable experience), and it’s chock full of fun activities just waiting for you to explore, from beach volleyball to boating to chilling in a waterfall at a Mayan pyramid.  But is this resort for you?  We’ve compiled some pros and cons to help you make that decision.  Of course, the best way to find out is to try it for yourself!



1. Food

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort boasts more food variety than any other WDW hotel food court, so you’ll always be able to find something to hit the spot.  If you’re looking for a table service meal, head to The Maya Grill, which is rarely busy (we walked right in without reservations) and serves up amazing Mexican-themed dishes.  The Queso Fundido is amazing!  And soon, you’ll be able to enjoy tapas – and great views – in the rooftop restaurant Toledo.

2. Pool

The pool complex at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is our second favorite on property (nothing can beat Stormalong Bay, of course!).  There are small pools throughout the property, so that no matter where you room is, you can enjoy a leisure pool close to you – but the main action takes place at The Lost City of Cibola Pool.  You can easily while away an afternoon or an entire day here.  With a huge 50 foot Mayan pyramid with cascading water and lurking serpents, it makes quite an impression.  You can also make a splash with the jaguar waterslide that winds 123 feet to the pool.  And, not that it’s a competition, but Walt Disney World’s largest hot tub can be found right here – grab 21 friends and enjoy!

3. Beautiful Grounds

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is set in tranquilly beautiful surroundings that are perfect for taking a break from the parks.  Walk or jog along the path around the peaceful Lago Dorado, or chill on one of the hammocks by the shore.  We love the areas of white sand ringing the lake, where you can take off your shoes and pretend you’re at the beach!


4. Amenities

There are lots of perks you’ll enjoy at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and you have convention guests to thank for them!  Because this resort is also a convention centre, there’s a massive health club on site that has a plethora of gym equipment along with tanning beds, personal trainers and a sauna.  When you’re finished your workout, relax at the on-site salon, which offers a variety of hair, makeup and nail treatments.

5. Bus Perks

Taking the bus from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a breeze, regardless of where your room happens to be.  The resort is huge, so there are four convenient bus stops scattered around the grounds so you don’t have to make the hike to the lobby every time you want to get on a bus.  Another plus?  Unlike some resorts, Coronado Springs does not share a bus with other resorts!


1. Walking Distance

We loved our serene morning walks to the lobby here, and our beautifully illuminated evening walks back to our room.  But if you have small children or are not comfortable walking long distances, you may want to rethink staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs.  The resort sprawls over quite a large area, and depending on where your room is, you may be looking at lots of walking even outside of expected theme park mileage.

2. Theming

Disney’s theming is certainly on the subtle side at Coronado Springs Resort (ginormous Mayan pyramid aside!).  It’s easy to forget you’re even on Walt Disney World property, although the stellar service would give it away any day.  With gorgeous, contemporary décor and tasteful, clean-lined furnishings, you won’t find any in-your-face Disney characters frolicking about, or any bold, primary colors.  So if you or your little ones want to be reminded that you’re in Disney World from the minute you wake up to the minute to fall asleep, better choose a different resort.

3. Can Be Busy

While Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s status as a convention center does have its benefits for non-convention-goers, there is unfortunately a draw-back as well.  If you happen to be staying at the resort when there is a convention on, you may find the common areas of the resort, especially the food court, quite busy at certain times of day.  Disney is working hard to update the hotel keeping in mind the needs of both convention guests and families, so the recent renovations may help to alleviate this “con”.

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