Top Pros & Cons for Staying at Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World

Pop Century just might be our favorite Value Resort. It’s well priced and has a whole lot going for it, especially when taking those prices into account. That said, while the resort has a whole lineup of pros, it does also have a couple cons. Because we believe it’s always a good idea to go into your vacation well informed, we have created a list of the pros and cons of this wonderful Disney Resort. After reading this, you should know exactly what to expect so you can prepare for the bad, look forward to the good, and have an amazing vacation!



We will begin with the good points. We honestly believe these should be the focus at this resort, as the good points truly are really good.

Pro #1: Super Low Prices

Pop Century has some of the lowest room rates out of any of the Disney-owned resorts. In fact, depending on what deals are running, this hotel is often the cheapest of the bunch. The fact that it is so inexpensive and yet still offers all of the usual Disney amenities is awesome. Some of these amenities include airport transportation, transportation to and from the parks, poolside movies and games, room delivery of in-park purchases, and more.

Pro #2: Dedicated Buses

Three of the five Value Resorts—namely, the All-Star Resorts—share buses with one another. This can be frustrating for guests at any of those three, as it often means longer bus rides or buses that are too full to hold any more passengers by the time they get to you. Pop Century, on the other hand, does not share buses with any other resorts. Because it has dedicated bus service, you’ll rarely have issues with overfull buses—except at park closing times when all buses are full—and you get to ride straight to and from the parks without extra stops.

Pro #3: Walk to Art of Animation

Another super awesome Value Resort is Art of Animation. Lucky for guests of Pop Century, this awesome resort is just a short walk away. This means that you can pop on over to Art of Animation to check out their super cool larger-than-life movie character sculptures and enjoy the food at their food court, adding some variety to your vacation.


Pro #4: Recently Refurbished Rooms

The rooms at Pop Century Resort were recently refurbished. They now include such features as sliding-glass shower doors, a fold-up Murphy bed that gives you more floor space during the day, and vinyl flooring that is less likely to hold onto dirt and other nasty things. In addition to these awesome features, the new rooms are also tastefully decorated in a tastefully subtle Disney theme that all Disney fans are sure to love!

Pro #5: Great Food Court

Of all the Value Resort food courts, Pop Century is considered one of the best (with Art of Animation joining it at the top). This food court offers much more variety than others, something everyone in your party will appreciate. We especially love the waffle fries, the delicious sandwich and burger choices, and the salmon entrée. Of course, the Disney cupcakes are never a bad thing either!

Pro #6: Skyliner Access

The new Skyliner transportation system includes a stop at Pop Century Resort! This provides guests of this resort with a second way of getting to and from Hollywood Studios and Epcot which makes the process of getting to the parks go much more smoothly. The Pop Century Skyliner stop is shared with Art of Animation. Truly an excellent pro!


With so many pros it’s hard to imagine anything bad about this resort. However, there are a couple of inconveniences that you might want to know about. That’s why we are going to address those here.

Con #1: Slow Bus Service

Once upon a time, people raved about the Pop Century bus service, saying it had the best service of all the Value Resorts. Unfortunately, this service has slowly degraded over time, and now the slow bus service is a frequent complaint. Luckily, the resort is close enough that you can choose to use the Art of Animation bus stops if you feel the Pop Century buses are too slow for your tastes. Additionally, the Skyliner alleviates this problem.

Con #2: Noisy Rooms

Another complaint that we hear quite often is that the Pop Century rooms are noisy. You can definitely hear your neighbors flushing toilets and opening and closing doors, and if there is a lot of noise outside, it is likely to make its way into your room. That said, outdoor noise shouldn’t go on late into the night, and because most guests will be families with children, neighbors tend to settle down fairly early in the night anyway. Of course, you could always pack a pair of earplugs in case you’re worried about it.

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