Top Reasons You’ll Love Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Walt Disney World

Disney World is full of amazing eateries with fun themes and delicious food. While many of these are in the parks proper, several of them are located in the many different Disney-owned resort hotels outside the parks. One of our favorites of these resort eateries is Beaches and Cream, and seeing as this old-fashioned diner was recently updated, we felt the need to do a quick writeup about the place. If you’re planning a Disney Vacation, we highly recommend enjoying a meal at this adorable restaurant. You can walk there from Epcot or the BoardWalk, and that walk is well worthwhile. Here are our top reasons why we know you’ll love it.


1. Nostalgic Decor

One thing we’ve always loved about Beaches and Cream is the adorable decor. The whole place is decorated in pastels and everything looks and feels old-fashioned, bringing out all kinds of nostalgic feelings. There’s even a working jukebox, something you don’t see often in this day and age.

2. Attention to Detail

Besides the awesome jukebox, you can expect to see some amazing attention to detail in this eatery. This comes as no surprise considering it’s Disney-run, but we noticed a distinct increase in those amazing details after their recent refurbishment. For instance, the walls are lined with super cute artwork featuring Disney characters in old-fashioned soda shops, cars, and more. We also love the rather anachronistic addition of charging ports along the walls, a detail we wish more restaurants had.

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Open Kitchen

The kitchen at Beaches and Cream is built in such a way that you can see inside. This is awesome, as you can get a peek at all the action that goes on in a kitchen and watch your lunch or dinner being prepared. Kids especially love this, and watching the kitchen is often enough to keep them entertained until the food arrives.


4. Expanded Seating Area

Another amazing thing that changed with the recent renovation is the seating area. The seating in Beaches and Cream used to be scant, with only a few tables to accommodate a few parties at any given time. Now there is easily twice as much seating (if not more), meaning even more people can enjoy this awesome place.

Photo Credit: Disney

5. Yummy New Menu

The new menu at this restaurant includes many old favorites, but also manages to sneak in some new dishes that we like very much. The French dip, for instance, is quite well done. We also appreciate the salmon dishes that have been added, and find that the salmon is cooked to perfection. Additionally, we highly recommend the loaded tots options found in the center of the menu. On top of all those awesome menu additions, you’ll also find that many plant-based options are now available for any vegans and vegetarians stopping in. These dishes include a plant-based chili and a plant-based burger.

 Sock Hop Topped with cheese sauce and green onions

6. Incredible Desserts

Beaches and Cream is famous for its wonderful desserts, and for good reason. Their ice cream treats are absolutely phenomenal, especially the famous and enormous Kitchen Sink Sundae, which includes pretty much every topping imaginable and is literally served in a plastic kitchen sink. In addition to all the classic desserts that made this place stand out as an awesome treat stop in the first place, the menu now includes some new options as well. The thing that really stood out to us was the cookie fries option. These cookie sticks are plant-based, but you’d never know it without seeing it printed in the menu. They’re served with three dipping sauces, and a single order can easily be shared. A second new addition is the Storm Along Shake. This is a cotton cand- flavored milkshake with a lifesaver donut on top.

Cookie Fries

7. Fun Atmosphere

The atmosphere at this nostalgic eatery is incredibly laid-back and great for kids. The staff is fun-loving, the jukebox plays old-timey favorites, and there is a general vacation vibe that tends to fill the place. One super fun addition to this atmosphere is the delivery of the aforementioned kitchen sink sundae. Any time someone orders one of these monstrous desserts, there is a huge to-do that includes a big announcement and red flashing lights. It’s all extremely exciting, and we highly recommend ordering one, both for the fun of the delivery and the delicious treat.

Photo Credit: Disney

8. To-Go Window

Finally, we must mention the new to-go window. Before, guests had to walk into the restaurant to place to-go orders. This new window makes it super easy to grab-and-go if you happen to be in a hurry, or if you’re unwilling to change out of your wet swimsuit to enjoy a meal or snack before hopping back into the pool.

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