Understanding the Play Disney Parks App at Walt Disney World

Disney World is all about entertaining people. Unfortunately, waiting in long queues to ride the incredible Disney rides is less than entertaining, and this fact can cause some vacationers to become a little grumpy. Enter the “Play Disney Parks” app. This awesome new app gives park goers a way to stay entertained while waiting in the longest attraction queues, and does so in typical Disney all-or-nothing style. Want to learn more about this awesome app and all it can do? Read on, my friends!


1. How to Get Started

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the app. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices, and it’s absolutely free. Once that’s done, you’ll be prompted to turn on location services for the app. Because some of the games are unlocked based on where you are in the parks, it is important that you do this. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Creating an account is super simple, and the same account can be used on My Disney Experience and the Play Disney Parks app. Kids ages 13 and up may have their own accounts, meaning teens with cell phones can enjoy the app’s games on their own device.

2. What to Expect

Wondering what exactly the app has to offer? There are 5 key features of the app:

  • Interactive queue games — These games are designed to be played with friends and family. They are unique to specific queue areas, and really help make waiting in line a more fun and social experience.
  • Trivia games — These are sprinkled throughout the parks and feature special trivia questions based on one park or area of a park. These trivia games are a great way to expand your Disney World knowledge and pass time waiting for show or parades.
  • Music playlists — Playlists inspired by various area of the parks can be accessed through the app. Those with an Apple Music subscription can listen to these curated playlists, while those without a subscription will only be able to hear samples.
  • Effects — Certain places in the parks offer cool effects that can be triggered by the Play Disney Parks app.
  • Rewards — A badges system is integrated into the app. Users will earn badges based on the games they play within the app, as well as what they do in the parks. For instance, you might receive a badge for riding a particular ride.

3. Where to Play

As mentioned before, some of the games in the Play Disney Parks app can only be accessed in certain parts of the parks. They cannot be played outside of the parks at all. That said, there are trivia games and playlists that can be used everywhere. Finding where to go to make use of your app is super easy. Simply open the app, select the park you plan to be in, and take a look around the super cute map which shows exactly where each game, playlist, reward spot, and interactive effect can be found.


4. Looking to the Future

If this app goes over well—and we imagine it will—we hope to continue to see it grow. We are already seeing new games added here and there, and we imagine the app will enhance the experience of the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, making it even more incredible. While we don’t know much about Disney’s plans for the Play Disney Parks app, we do hope to see it integrated into the parks more and more. There are a number of attractions with consistently long lines that could certainly use a game, and earning rewards for touring the parks is a big win as far as we’re concerned.

5. Quick Tips

Using an app such as this one all day long does require a bit of thinking ahead. We highly recommend using Disney’s Wi-Fi whenever possible in order to save your cell data. Additionally, you’ll definitely want to bring a phone charger or an extra battery pack if you don’t want to seek out a charging station. Finally, it’s always a good idea to keep your phone in a case when heading to a place like Disney World, especially if you’ll have your phone out a lot to use this app, and even more especially if the kids are going to want to play.

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