VIP Park Tours: Are They Worth It?

VIP Tour
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There is nothing quite like a vacation at Disney World. There are so many things to do and details to see; it can be hard to know where to begin. When planning your trip, the idea of someone else doing it for you might be more appealing. While there are countless platforms to learn what’s new and best at Disney, there is an alternative to planning independently.

Disney World offers VIP Tours at their Parks that may just rock your world. This is an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a Cast Member; plan your day for you.

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VIP Tours

Disney’s VIP tour allows Guests to customize their visit to the Park with a tour guide. The tour can be up to ten Guests, all personalized to your likes and needs. While Theme Park admission is not a part of the tour, many perks remain. Some of the services Disney has included are;

  • Pre-arrival planning
  • A flexible start time, picked by you
  • Visits to multiple theme parks* in one or more days
  • The ability to enjoy some of your favorite attractions efficiently
  • Shared insight from your highly knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide throughout your tour
Disney World

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Pricing for VIP tours begins at $450 an hour, depending on the season. Guests must be 18 and older or otherwise accompanied by a guardian. The tour is at least seven hours and does not allow for cameras during backstage tours. There is also a cancellation fee if canceling within the 48-hour window before your tour.

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Is It Worth It?

According to Insider, it sure is! Insider reported, “An absolute blast to be able to share this experience with fellow Disney lovers, or even with friends and family visiting the parks for the first time.” A significant part of the VIP tours is getting to skip the lines. As fans know, some rides can have extremely long wait times, which is an easy way to bypass them. Transportation is also included in your day, making it much more manageable. Overall, it’s worth it for a carefree trip to the Parks.

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If you’re a Disney adult or the head of the family always responsible for planning, this may be your best idea yet! Take a Disney vacation with ease, and let someone else show you the magic of Disney. All you have to do is show up!

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