Walt Disney World Rumored to Add More Attractions to Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney Tips

The rumor mill is swirling with lots of rumors related to new attractions that could be coming to Walt Disney World.  With the 50th anniversary for Walt Disney World coming up in 2021, many are expecting various attractions and experiences to be added for the celebration.  There are expected to be additions at each of the four major theme parks at Walt Disney World, and current rumors are swirling at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  We have a recap of some of the attractions that are currently floating around on the internet:


Pandora – The World of Avatar Expansion:

The land hasn’t been open very long and there are already rumors for the first expansion of this immersive land.  The rumor for the expansion is another attraction as well as another restaurant.  We don’t have any details or rumors as to what this attraction might be, but we would definitely love to have a new ride in the land.  With more Avatar movies coming out in future years, it is possible the attraction could be themed after one of those films.  The restaurant could be quick service or table service, but we would guess a table service location since there is already one quick service location in the land.

Possible New Lands at the Park:

We are getting reports that there is enough room behind some of the existing lands, particularly in Asia where a new land or two could be built.  There are rumors circulating that an Australia continent may be on in the works to be developed at the park.  We would expect the land to include a couple attractions themed to Australia.  It may even include characters and elements from Finding Nemo and The Rescuers, too.  This could be an awesome addition to the park and a lot of fun for all guests.  What other continents or lands do you think could work well at the park?

Dinoland, U.S.A. Could Go Away:

The rumor here is that Dinoland, U.S.A. could be getting completely changed and re-imagined to a South Africa continent.  If this change were to occur, it is also rumored that DINOSAUR would be changed over to an Indiana Jones-themed attraction.  We’d likely see other major changes and themed marketplace added.  The park already has an Africa continent, so I am not sure if this one would actually come true.  It would seem like an odd theming change to the area.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch to be Re-Themed:

There have been several different rumors about a possible re-imagination of Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  The rumor is that the area of the park will become Zootopia.  The park is a perfect location for this kind of land and the area is also perfect since you have to take a train out to it.  I think we are all hoping that this one definitely comes true!   The area could really use a face lift and fresh attractions.

None of these rumors have been announced or confirmed directly from Disney, so they remain rumors.  Which one of these exciting rumors are you most hoping will come true?  What other great ideas do you all have for Disney’s Animal Kingdom?


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