Credit: Zach Riddley

Water Art at Walt Disney World

So many people love Walt Disney World because of the little extra touches that you can see all around the Park. The custodial staff plays such an essential role at the Parks and Resorts. Not only do they make sure the Park is clean for everyone, but they can also have an extra role to make your day a little more magical. If you ever see a Cast Member drawing with a broom on the ground, you’ll want to watch and get your cameras out. This is what Imagineer Zach Riddley shared on his Instagram.

Credit: Zach Riddley

I love moments by our Cast that make a visit unexpected and magical and just plain fun. I met Mike in Magic Kingdom last week. He was creating Mickey Mouse in water art using a custodial broom as his brush – a wonderful tradition many of our Custodial Cast bring to life during their day. A surprise, temporary experience that transforms pavement into canvas and a moment into memory. And check out Mike’s perfect circle-making skills with Mickey’s ears!! I was thoroughly impressed.

Credit: Zach Riddley

Creativity lives in all of us – and what’s so special about Disney is that it gives us a common language to express our love of storytelling and happiness. And we all have a role. Thank you Mike for sharing your talent with us – and all our Custodial Cast who keep our Parks well maintained and these little moments that allow us to slow down and pay attention to the wonder all around us. 🧹🌈😁


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Credit: Zach Riddley

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