We’ve Ranked 30 Attractions at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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No Disney experience is as quintessential as spending a day in the popular Magic Kingdom enjoying all of the whimsy, thrills, and fun spread across the various lands. Guests absolutely love enjoying all that the Magic Kingdom has to offer, and it is home to more attractions than any of the other three Disney Parks in Walt Disney World. With so many attractions to enjoy, guests might not know where to start- but luckily we’ve ranked all thirty attractions available to guests from the best to the worst! While it certainly depends on guests’ preferences and the other members of their parties, this list shows off some of the best options to experience in Walt Disney World and others that might be better saved for another time. Here are the thirty attractions of the Magic Kingdom ranked!


1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The top spot on the list goes to one of the Magic Kingdom’s newest attractions that combines classic characters, amazing technology, and thrills to score the number one slot. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland has guests board innovative mine trains where each cart can sway from side to side independently and set off whizzing around the mountain. Guests soon enter into the mines and can spot the Dwarfs at work collecting gems and singing the classic “Heigh Ho” song. Impressive technology using rear projection makes the Dwarfs truly look alive and very expressive and the finale of the attraction is a favorite for many guests. Be sure to not miss out on the amazing experience of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the Magic Kingdom!

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The wildest ride in the wilderness has a solid spot right near the top of this list thanks to its wonderful theming and big thrills. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad brings guests to the mining town of Tumbleweed where the trains runaway on their own, whipping through the town itself and the caves for a wild and thrilling time. Each train features its own tongue in cheek name and guests are sure to love every minute of the adventure around the notorious mining mountain.

3. Haunted Mansion

No attraction in Walt Disney World has such a following as the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square. The attraction brings guests through an interactive graveyard and inside of a stately colonial home where nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts have chosen to reside as their final resting place. The Haunted Mansion features unforgettable scenes such as the stretching room and the graveyard in addition to memorable characters such as the Ghost Host, Madame Leota, and the Hitchhiking Ghosts. The finale scene is made even more spooky by the classic “Grim Grinning Ghosts” song and the illusion of a hitchhiking ghost following each guest home.


4. Peter Pan’s Flight

One attraction in Fantasyland if considered to be a favorite of many guests, leading to consistently high wait times no matter the time of day. Peter Pan’s Flight sprinkles guests with pixie dust and take to the skies in pirate ships to soar high over London and Neverland with Peter. Guests can see classic scenes like the Darling’s nursery and the final faceoff between Peter and Captain Hook while enjoying classic music and the adventure of magically flying. This is a must do attraction in the Magic Kingdom on every visit!

5. Space Mountain

Guests who have dreamed of blasting off to space can do just that with some big thrills in the most popular attraction in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain brings guests to Starport 75 where they board rockets and set off into the darkness of space at high speeds. Thrilling music and the screams of other guests heightens the experience and guests will certainly want to ride Space Mountain time and time again to enjoy its big thrills!

6. Splash Mountain

The third mountain in the Magic Kingdom offers up big thrills paired with the chance that guests might get absolutely soaked. Splash Mountain brings guests on a log journey along with Br’er Rabbit who is off looking for more adventure before he is caught by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear and thrown into the Briar Patch below. With catchy songs, memorable characters, and a thrilling five story plunge at the end, Splash Mountain is a favorite attraction of many guests.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean

Guests of all ages love to fantasize about setting sail as a pirate on the high seas, and Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland offers them just that opportunity. The attraction brings guests into eerie caves where they are warned that dead men tell no tales before emerging in a seaside village that is being ransacked by pirates. With sight gags, classic scenes, and the favorite “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me),” Pirates of the Caribbean is an amazing experience to enjoy!

8. It’s A Small World

Perhaps the most quintessential and classic attraction in all of Walt Disney World, It’s A Small World in Fntasyland is an absolute must do on every visit to the Magic Kingdom. The attraction has guests board “the happiest cruise that ever sailed” and set off through various scenes depicting different countries and cultures with the classic dolls singing the song of the same name. It’s A Small World features a beautiful message, catchy song, and so many details to look at that it definitely considered to be a top attraction in the park.

9. Jungle Cruise

A must do attraction for many guests who visit the Magic Kingdom is the world famous Jungle Cruise located in Adventureland. The attraction brings to life the spirit of adventure as guests board boats and set sail down some of the most exotic rivers in the world. While the sights, animals, and vegetation are memorable, it is the dry and groan worthy narration by the skippers that leave guests always wanting to return to the Jungle Cruise for a good laugh.

10. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

A popular ride in the heart of Tomorrowland invites guests to join a favorite Pixar character in an unforgettable adventure. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin equips guests with special laser shooters to take aim at the Evil Emperor Zurg and compete to see who can score the most points and become a galactic hero. While the lasers could definitely use a technological upgrade, the attraction is a fun way for guests to feel as though they have stepped into a Toy Story adventure as well tap into some friendly competition.

11. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

An underrated attraction in the Magic Kingdom that is actually a wonderful experience can be found high above the pathways of Tomorrowland. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover brings guests on a serene tour of the land using an innovative system of magnets embedded in the track that push and pull trains. While enjoying the breeze and taking in the sights, guests can enjoy glimpses into Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin as well as beautiful views of Cinderella Castle and the hub.

12. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Fans of Winnie the Pooh can step into the pages of one of his classic tales and be transported right into the 100 Acre Wood. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh brings the story of The Blustery Day to life as guests move, float, and bounce in honey pots through scenes including a garden party, Rabbit’s garden, Owl’s treehouse, and Pooh’s dream filled with Heffalumps and Woozles. With classic music and characters, this attraction is charming to guests of all ages.


13. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

The classic tale of Ariel comes to life in a popular attraction in the rear of Fantasyland. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid has guests board clam shells and set off to relive the classic story of Ariel becoming human and living happily ever after with Prince Eric. This attraction is fun for all ages and features several highlights including the “Under the Sea” scene and the massive animatronic of Ursula in her lair.

14. The Barnstormer

A fun attraction in Storybook Circus that is aimed at guests just old enough to start enjoying “bigger” thrills is The Barstormer featuring the Great Goofini. This mild roller coaster brings guests on an adventure through a circus setup created by Goofy for his tricks and stunts. While the attraction is certainly fun for younger guests, many older guests opt to skip it due to lengthy wait times and other, more thrilling options.

15. Mad Tea Party

One unique attraction that can either be considered tame or thrilling depending on how guests interact is situated in Fantasyland near the pathway leading into Tomorrowland. The Mad Tea Party shrinks guests down and has them spin along in massive tea cups at an unbirthday celebration. The attraction can be fun for those who enjoy spinning as fast as possible, but it can also leave many guests feeling queasy from all the rotations, especially on a hot day in the Magic Kingdom.

16. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

An attraction that is considered to be a rite of passage for many guests can be found in Storybook Circus. Dumbo the Flying Elephant invites guests to take to the skies with Dumbo and soar on two spinners over beautiful fountains. The attraction is certainly a classic and guests will love the indoor waiting area where children can play and there is air conditioning, however sometimes the wait time can be excessive and the attraction might be too tame for those looking for more thrills and entertainment.

17. Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland is home to a high flying attraction that allows guests to feel as though they are rocketing through space. The Astro Orbiter is located above the loading platform for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and has guests board rockets to enjoy a gently spinning attraction with great views. While the attraction can feel thrilling in guests being high up and the illusion of spinning faster than they actually are, the lengthy wait times in the sun make the experience hard to justify at times.

18. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

One of the oldest attractions in the Magic Kingdom can be found in Tomorrowland and dates back to the 1964 NY World’s Fair. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a unique show that brings guests along on a journey with one family as they continue throughout a century to enjoy new inventions and progress. While the show can feel lengthy around twenty minutes, there are lots of great new details and little things to pick up on each time and the experience offers a dark theater with air conditioning for a rest (or nap!).

19. Enchanted Tales with Belle

Guests who are looking for an attraction where they can interact with a favorite Disney Princess can head over to Fantasyland to enjoy Enchanted Tales with Belle. The attraction brings guests through a magical doorway into the Beast’s castle where they are assigned different character roles in the story of how Belle fell in love with the Beast. The story is then acted out with Belle in person and Lumiere narrating. While the experience is entertaining, it can be aimed mostly to younger guests and might make those who do not want to participate uncomfortable.

20. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Guests who are looking to enjoy an entertaining attraction in Adventureland can head to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room where a cast of birds, tropical flowers, tikis, and more serenade guests with over the top musical numbers. The songs are catchy and there are lots of funny jokes and lines embedded in the script, but the experience can be frightening for young guests during a thunderstorm sequence and even considered to be dated and boring by some guests.

21. Country Bear Jamboree

Frontierland is home to an entertaining show that uses catchy country melodies and memorable characters to have guests clapping and stomping along. The Country Bear Jamboree is hosted by Henry and features a lineup of unique bears including Big Al and Trixie ho each perform their own numbers before coming together for a show stopping finale. While Country Bear Jamboree is a fun attraction to enjoy, it sometimes operates with shortened hours and might end up skipped for other popular attractions in Frontierland.

22. Walt Disney World Railroad

The Walt Disney World Railroad is a unique opportunity to travel throughout the Magic Kingdom on one of four beautifully restored trains from the 1920as. Each train brings circles between the Main Street, Frontierland, and Storybook Circus stations and offers guests glimpses of scenes that cannot be accessed otherwise. While the round trip is a nice relaxing way to spend some time in the Magic Kingdom, many guests utilize the Walt Disney World Railroad as a useful means of transportation to cut from one side of the park to the other.

23. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Just across the bridge into Tomorrowland from the main hub is Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, an interactive show that brings guests into Monstropolis where the monsters are performing a stand-up comedy show to collect laughs for power. With guests being able to text in jokes making each show slightly different, the acts and interactions can become a little repetitive over time and some of the gags are groan worthy.

24. Hall of Presidents

Liberty Square is a celebration of America and its patriotism, so it is no surprise that the Hall of Presidents is located in the area. Housed in an impressive brick building modeled after Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the show shares the story of the role of Presidents from George Washington to modern day. While the finale is impressive with all presidents standing on stage together in animatronic form, the show can be long and boring for smaller guests or those who are not history buffs.

25. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

A classic attraction in the very center of Fantasyland is the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel which offers guests the chance to ride on beautifully ornate horses in several rows. While a carousel is certainly a quintessential theme park experience and the calliope sounds of favorite Disney songs serenade guests, there are other attractions in Fantasyland that are worth visiting instead.


26. Tomorrowland Speedway

While it’s every kid and kid at heart’s dream to drive a race car, a ride on the Tomorrowland Speedway falls a little flat in the Magic Kingdom. The attraction itself is fun, as guests are able to drive the various cars themselves, however the typically long wait in mostly direct sun with wafting exhaust fumes takes away from the overall appeal. Guests who are truly set on enjoying the Tomorrowland Speedway should plan on doing so in the early mornings as there are less crowds and lower temperatures.

27. Mickey’s Philharmagic

Guests who are looking to enjoy a 3D show in Fantasyland can check out Mickey’s Philharmagic where favorite songs from classic films including “Part of Your World” and “Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” While there are plenty of wow moments as guests follow along with Donald after he steals Mickey’s magic hat, the show can become redundant after seeing it several times.

28. Swiss Family Treehouse

The Swiss Family Treehouse located just inside of the entrance to Adventureland from the main hub invites guests to climb high up above to where the shipwrecked family have used both locally sourced and salvaged items to create a home for themselves. While there are some spectacular views from the very top and the scenes are interesting to check out, many guests are not interested in climbing the one hundred and sixteen stairs to the top.

29. Liberty Belle

Located in Frontierland, the Liberty Belle invites guests to relax and enjoy a scenic ride along the Rivers of America. The attraction offers up some beautiful views of Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, and the Haunted Mansion, as well as some scenes that can only be viewed from the decks of the boat. While the attraction is serene, it does take up about twenty minutes and can be boring to younger guests.

30. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

At the bottom of the list falls The Magic Carpets of Aladdin located in the heart of Adventureland. While this attraction is great for all ages and offers some fun views of the area while soaring high in magic carpets that can be tilted forwards or backwards, it is essentially the same attraction as Dumbo minus the nostalgia. Despite being low on the list, the spitting camel out front adds some fun as well!

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