What the Revamp of Disney’s Dining Reservation Means for You

Dining at Disney
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Disney is out with the old and in with the new! Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are known for some of the best and most unique cuisine. Many bites and sips are only found in the Parks, making them that much more exclusive and delicious.

To visit Disney means at least dining at one restaurant in the Parks, Resorts, or Disney Springs. To dine in, Guests are highly recommended to make a reservation prior to their visit. Especially during busy seasons, many restaurants do not have availability for walk-in tables. Disney has had a dining reservation system in place that is being revamped. Already in the process, Guests can see changes made in the app that hopefully make the user experience better.

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Dining Reservation Revamp

Disney World and Disneyland are getting some updates to their dining reservation system. While the updates do not seem bad, booking a reservation should be even simpler than before. The biggest upgrade thus far is when searching for a dining time to reserve. Previously, if you typed in a certain time, you’d only see a couple of options, maybe none at all. Now the update will show all reservation slots in a single view!

Dining at Disney

Credit: D23

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Furthermore, it looks like the app will require Guests to log in using their email before booking a reservation. Although it is unclear if you’ll have to do this every time or just once, and you’ll stay logged in, it is a change to note. Additionally, times will be sorted by meal period, making it clear what you are searching for, like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “This news comes after Guests voiced their concerns and hatred for the mobile app dining reservation system, which would not post accurate times or slots for those looking for specific dining experiences for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Inside the Magic reported.

Dining at Disney

Credit: D23

What Does This Mean for Your Next Disney Trip?

As Disney is continuously growing and changing, this seems to be a step in a positive direction as changes go. It’s also promising to hear Disney heard Guest concerns and they enforced a helpful change. Making the app and online services as user-friendly as possible makes it easier for Guests and restaurants for a smoother dining experience. With new changes, hopefully, this means it only improves your next Disney vacation, making booking a breeze. It’s important to note; Guests can still begin booking reservations up to 60 days in advance at both Disney World and Disneyland.

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