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Why You Should Book That Last Minute Trip To Disney in 2021

Are you sick of sitting around the house and ready for some magic?  We have why we think you should consider booking a last minute trip to Walt Disney World this year.

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Celebrate the Holidays

There isn’t a better place to celebrate holidays than in Walt Disney World.  Disney has already started to celebrate the fall with decorations, snacks and Boo Bash parties.  These autumn filled celebrations are a great way to get ready for the fall season.  Take time to explore the decorations while enjoying one of the many deliciously themed treats.

Christmas is a fantastic and extra special time to visit Walt Disney World.  We don’t know all the details on how Disney will celebrate this year, but we know it will be magical.  A new special event, Disney Very Merriest After Hours, will be a four hour event where guests can enjoy the Magic Kingdom on select nights from November 8th to December 21st.  During this event, guests will be able to enjoy Christmastime parades with their favorite characters, short lines and don’t forget treats.  Not only does Disney do a wonderful job bringing the holiday season into the parks, you can also enjoy the festive feels at the resorts throughout Disney Property as well.  

If you haven’t experienced a holiday at Disney, it is a truly magical time and one that is worth booking that last minute trip for.  The best part is that many of these magical, holiday feels can be explored with little to no planning make these perfect for the last minute trip.

Catch the Nighttime Shows One Last Time

Both Happily Ever After, as well as Epcot Forever, will be making their final run this September.  Happily Ever After has been around since 2017 so if you are a long time fan you might need that last minute trip to say good-bye and thanks for all the memories.  If you want to see these shows one last time before they wrap up, you will definitely want to book that last minute trip.

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New Shows

Along that same line, if you want to see the new nighttime shows, it is a great reason to book that trip in October to December.  In Magic Kingdom, Disney Enchantment will make its opening night on October 1st.  Over in Epcot, Harmonious will open on the same night.  These two new nighttime spectaculars promise to bring magic, emotions and breathtaking moments along with them.  Be one of the first to experience them with a last minute trip down.

Try New Things

When we typically plan a Disney trip we have lots of time to think through our dining, park strategy and more.  With a last minute trip, we don’t have as much time to plan meaning we might have to adjust.  Don’t be afraid!  We think that this is one of the best reasons to take a last minute trip.  Last minute trips allow you to push yourself out of your normal routine.  Consider trying new dining locations.  Maybe instead of always eating at Chef Mickey’s you enjoy a low key breakfast at the park.  Think about trying the lounges or using the walk-up wait lists to checkout places like Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom.  Even though your top dining options might not be available to book on a last minute trip, we feel this is a great excuse to try something new!

Slow Down

When you have six or more months to think about your trip, you have lots of time to process which ride to hit and where you want to start your day.  With a last minute trip, you are more likely to take time to slow down and just enjoy the magical atmosphere all around you- that is fantastic.  When booking a last minute trip, it almost feels like a bonus so anything you can do and experience also feels like a bonus.  This means that those last minute trips can really become magical as you take time to explore the Tree of Life or hang out on the hub grass or even explore Galaxy’s Edge.  Being able to slow down is a great reason to book a last minute trip.

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credit: Disney

Celebrate the 50th

On October 1st Walt Disney World will celebrate 50 magical years.  This is a huge reason to get that last minute trip booked this year.  You could be who gets to experience one of the most magical times in Disney history.  From new decorations in Magic Kingdom to exciting nighttime shows in all four parks, this celebration is sure to be one for the history books. Although you probably won’t be able to get last minute trip books for October 1st, consider experiencing the celebration in those last few months of the year.

New and Exciting Times

A great reason to book that last minute trip to Disney in 2021 is so you can experience all the new and exciting changes happening throughout the parks.  From Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opening to Genie and Genie+ coming and the long awaited Space 220, there is so much coming to Disney during this last part of 2021.  A last minute trip would allow you to be one of the first to experience all of the new magical experiences. 

Most of us plan trips to Walt Disney World months or even years ahead.  With some much coming these next few months, a last minute trip to Disney is something that everyone could enjoy.  With the 50th Anniversary coming there will be lots of new and magical experiences you will be able to have while slowing down and truly enjoying the atmosphere.  A last minute trip is something we all should consider to wrap up 2021.

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