Woman Arrested After Stealing High End Stroller from Walt Disney World


When guests come from all over the world to visit Walt Disney World, they don’t expect that their vacation might be completely ruined by other inconsiderate thieves that prey on unsuspecting families.  Unfortunately this occurred to the Collazo family from Miami on April 15th.  The Collazo family was enjoying their day in Walt Disney World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  They went o enjoy one of the attractions and left their Bugaboo stroller, valued around $1,800, parked with other strollers.  While they were on the attraction, another guest stole their stroller totally wrecking the family’s day.  With the stroller was their car keys, wallets and medication that they needed.  With no money or car keys, the family was completely stranded at Walt Disney World.  Lauren Collazo had to have her husband fly in from Miami on the next flight to come and help the family get home.


Disney takes these acts of theft very seriously, as they want to ensure that the theme parks are safe and enjoyable for all of their guests.  The theft was caught on video and shared via social media.  The video also showed that the woman used her own daughter to assist in the crimes and ride in the stolen stroller as a decoy to prevent suspicion of pushing around an empty stroller.  This video and the help of social media led the police to Michelle Craig from Spring Hill, FL. and she was subsequently arrested.  She was caught selling various stolen items on Craig’s List, including high end strollers, purses, diaper bags and more. It appears that she is also under investigation for other thefts that have occurred around Walt Disney World.  With her arrest, other families may see the return of their items and help Disney to put in measures that can help watch and alleviate these situations in the future.

Disney has not yet made any statements on this situation or announced any security changes as a result of the theft.  We strongly recommend that guests do not leave their purses, keys, medicines or anything of value in their strollers when they go on an attraction.  You just never know what can happen in a park full of other guests.  We have no way of telling who may be up to no good, so keep an eye out.

What do you all think of this awful scheme?

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