10 Disney Characters That Would Be Awesome To Have As Best Friends

Credit: Disney

There are so many amazing Disney characters that have been created over the years and we would love to have many of them in our real lives.  When selecting best friends, there are key traits that we should strive to have around us in order to make us the best versions of ourselves.  Here is our top 10 list of Disney characters that would be awesome to have as best friends if we could pick:


10. Pinocchio, from Pinocchio

Sometimes you need your friends to give you their true opinions and when talking to Pinocchio you will at least always know when he is telling you the truth or telling you a lie.  Honesty is definitely a great quality in a friend and he comes with his own conscience to be his guide.

9. Genie, from Aladdin

The Genie has a heart of gold and gives a lot of sound advice.  He’s a friend that is always in your corner, and as the song says, you ain’t never had a friend like him.  Plus, maybe he’ll even grant you a wish or two here and there, too.

8. Ralph, from Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph would definitely be an amazing friend to have around.  He is strong, brave and completely hilarious.  He is a very loyal friend.  You may have to deal with a few broken items here and there, but he means well!


7. Charlotte, from The Princess and the Frog

She may be loud and crazy, but she was a fantastic friend to Tiana.  She was happy for her when she got her prince and always supported her and stayed loyal to her.  Those are all great qualities in a friend and the type of friend that you definitely want to have in your corner.

6. Woody, from Toy Story

As the song says, “you’ve got a friend in me!”  Woody is a fabulous friend who will do whatever he has to do in order to stay by your side.  He can get a little bit jealous of your other friends at times, but he always means well.  He always does the right thing in the end.

5. Baymax, from Big Hero 6

Baymax is super helpful to have around.  You can also fold him up and carry him around with you when you need to.  He can also help take care of you when you are sick and keep you at your best.  He is also very effective in times of trouble, too!

4. Cinderella, from Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the kindest and genuine characters out there.  She seems to always find the good in people and she takes care of all those around her, including all the animals.  She would be an amazing influence and example of what a friend should be.  No doubt that she would quickly move into best friend status, quickly.

3. Merida, from Brave

Merida is extremely adventurous and always up for a new quest or challenge that needs to be addressed.  She is a great example of what bravery is and would help push you to be stronger and better.  She would always push you to handle things for yourself and not depend on others in order to reach your dreams.

2. Peter Pan, from Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a great reminder that you should never grow up.  We often get lost in work, school and other responsibility and forget how to be young and carefree.  We still have to balance our responsibilities, but there is nothing wrong with staying young at heart.  It’s always good to have a friend around that will help bring out that side in you.

1. Sebastian, from The Little Mermaid

Sebastian is great about being the voice of reason when you need it.  He is always there for you and will support you, but isn’t afraid to also tell you what he really thinks.  He is loyal, yet still fights for the side of what is right and what he knows is best for you.  He is definitely a great friend to have on your side.

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