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Adults Barred From Talking to Disney Theme Park Characters

A girl in a red dress happily kisses Mickey Mouse on the nose at Disney, with other visitors and the castle blurred in the background.

After a short hiatus, social media users are again mocking so-called “Disney Adults” for their interactions with Disney Parks characters. The viral post on X (formerly Twitter) mocked Americans’ “lack of shame” and “unfathomable sincerity.” Disney Adults are a popular online scapegoat. When a mother had a bad experience at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, she blamed adult ...

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Disney Reportedly Forces Cast Members To Perform in Unsafe Conditions

mickey in fantasmic

As Disneyland Resort prepares for the return of Fantasmic! on May 24, some Disney cast members say the show isn’t safe for its performers. The conversation comes days after a successful unionization vote among 1,700 Disney character performers at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Walt Disney Imagineering offered a first look at the updated Fantasmic! on social media ...

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Disney Faces Lawsuit After Guest Permanently Disabled by Character

Goofy Character

A woman is suing Disneyland Resort and two of its cast members, claiming that a Disney Character Performer portraying Goofy caused her lifelong physical and emotional “pain and suffering.” Disney Character Performers endure a lot. “Fur” characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck must communicate exclusively through hand signals and body language while carrying a heavy costume. “Face” characters like ...

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Distress Signal: Disney Character Issues Emergency Alert Before Collapse

Donald Duck Fantasmic Emergency

A Walt Disney World Resort character performer signaled an emergency in front of thousands of guests during Fantasmic! on Friday night. During the show’s last scene, Donald Duck visibly injured his leg while parading around Steamboat Willie’s steamboat. Multiple Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests, including Reddit user u/InteractionNo7782, witnessed the incident. They stated that after Donald Duck signaled an emergency to ...

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Disney Character Startles Guests by Screaming and Fleeing in Costume

Mrs Incredible Meet and Greet

Entertainment cast members take the magic of Disney movies and television offscreen, immersing Disney Parks guests in worlds they’d previously only imagined. To maintain the highest possible level of immersion, Disney characters are bound to strict rules when “on stage” at Walt Disney World Resort. Behind every Disney character is a person with a life full of unique challenges and ...

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6 Disney Characters You Can’t Meet in the Parks

Kermit and Miss Piggy

No matter how old you are, spotting Goofy or Donald Duck at Walt Disney World makes 100 years of Disney magic feel real. Seeing a child light up when they lock eyes with Mickey or Minnie Mouse makes any amount of money and planning worth it. Guests had to adjust to a Disney Park experience without this magical touch with ...

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Hilarious Viral Video Shows Disney Characters On The Run

Disney characters on the run

We’ve already seen Disney princesses’ workout routines and Marvel superheroes’ routines in the gym — but now one Disney fan is bringing back the Disney fitness trend by showcasing a variety of classic Disney characters’ hilarious attempts to use a treadmill! The Disney influencer and content creator Kurt Tocci has shared a humorous video of characters like Gaston, Aurora the ...

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Disney Bans Standing Still at Theme Parks

Mickey Mouse with red background

Disney Characters are perhaps the most beloved part of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, talented Disney Park cast members bring on-screen favorites to life. They make us laugh, cry, and even share in special moments in our lives. Disney Parks have strict guidelines for entertainment cast members to follow to keep the magic ...

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Disney Character Attacked by Alligator in Florida

Mickey mouse blue background

Mickey Mouse left The Most Magical Place on Earth this week… and ended up in the belly of a hungry Florida alligator! After losing the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Universal Pictures, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks co-created the iconic Mickey Mouse in 1928. For the last 100 years, the cheery rodent has served as The Walt Disney ...

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