5 Inspiring Disney Characters

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Disney films have a way of inspiring us viewers to do better and to be better. Every plot, no matter the film, always has messages about being true to yourself, following your dreams and standing up for what’s right. So many of us Disney fans have our own favorite characters, mainly because of who they are.

With so many characters to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the absolute best. Disney films are very quotable, making nearly every protagonist inspiring somehow. Here are five of some of the most inspiring Disney characters ever created.


Credit: D23

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‘Mulan’ (1998) stars a powerful and strong-willed girl who sets out to help save her family. Mulan is so much more than just a daughter preparing for marriage; but a warrior through and through. Her inspiration comes from her unwavering faith in herself, even if she doesn’t see it initially. She teaches fans the loyalty of family and hard work.

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‘CoCo’ (2017) is about a young boy who dreams of being a musician while a part of a family that bands any music at all. After magical events, he finds himself in the Land of the Dead, trying to return home. He resembles curiosity and adventure, which we all need in our lives! But Miguel also shows the importance of family and what true love is.


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‘Ratatouille’ (2007) stars a young man, Linguini, and a rat named Remy. Not ironic at all; Remy is the star of the film and the most inspiring part. As a rat, he doesn’t let his ambitions and dreams go just because he isn’t human. When there is a will, there is a way, and Remy discovers that by working with Linguini to display his culinary art. As Chef Gustaeu said, “If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead!”

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‘Princess and the Frog’ (2009) is about Tiana, the hardest-working girl in town. Her lack of money is made up with a smile and a will to do one thing, own her own restaurant one day. The inspiration she brings to the screen is working hard, being humble, and believing you deserve everything you dream of.


‘Pocahontas’ (1995) stars Pocahontas, a native warrior who falls in love with Captain John Smith, who journeyed to the New World. She resembles strength, along with the push for change and leadership. Pocahontas is one of the many princesses who gives us all a reason to inspire the world around us.

Disney shared seven characters that inspire us to practice their best attributes at home! Who is your most inspirational Disney character?

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