10 Disney Characters I Wish I Could Go Trick-Or-Treating With

Trick-or-treating is definitely one of the highlights to look forward to each year at Halloween.  Taking my kids trick-or-treating is a ton of fun and we always love seeing the various costumes.  We always see so many different kids dressed up as Disney characters out and about, but it isn’t the same as if we were able to trick-or-treat with the real characters!  Here are the top 10 characters that I totally wish that I could go trick-or-treating with:


10. Goofy – A Goofy Movie

If you were asked to tell a joke while trick-or-treating, then he is definitely good for a laugh.  If nothing else, he could trip and fall or cause some sort of hilarious display to keep everyone laughing and ensure that we got a ton of candy!  He can also do the perfect cast and entertain the whole block!

9. Dumbo – Dumbo

Dumbo is absolutely adorable and he flies!  He can scout ahead to look for some of the best houses or he may even be willing to give you a lift to your next locations so that you don’t have to spend all the time walking around for yourself!

8. Elsa – Frozen

I mean who wouldn’t love to hang out with someone who has icy powers?  It could be fun to have a little bit of snowy fun on Halloween night and sent a cold chill through the night.  She’s also still one of the most popular characters, so you will be one of the “coolest” kids on the block.


7. Ralph – Wreck-It Ralph

If you need muscle to keep you safe on Halloween night, then Ralph is definitely your guy.  He is strong and a hero, so he will definitely make sure that you make it home safely and that no one will try to steal your candy.  He also knows a lot of friends from Sugar Rush if you find that you don’t get enough candy on Halloween night.

6. Mrs. Potts – Beauty and The Beast

She would be great to have around to help make sure we all stay in line. She will also make a spot of tea for us to help keep us warm and toasty on Halloween night.  One lump or two?

5. Snow White – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

If you visit any parties or locations where there is apple bobbing, then you will definitely need her help to identify poison apples.  She has experience with what happens when you take apples from strangers and will help you learn from her bad fortune!

4. Edna – The Incredibles

Edna will help to ensure that your costume is completely safe.  You wouldn’t want to go out on Halloween night with an unsafe cape or other component to your costume.  Plus she will make sure that you look fashionable and she’s a lot of fun to have around!

3. Fairy Godmother – Cinderella

Who wouldn’t want a fairy godmother?  She made Cinderella’s dreams come true and I’m sure she’d be very helpful when it comes to Halloween night.  She could make you the perfect costume and she might even be able to transform any of your less desirable candy to some of your favorite candy!

2. Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio

It never hurts to make sure that you have your conscience with you to be your guide. There can be a lot to temptation on Halloween night, especially when there are kids running around throwing toilet paper and eggs on houses. Channel your inner Jiminy Cricket and focus on the positive aspects of Halloween and good, clean family Halloween fun.

1. Remy – Ratatouille

You will need a good dinner before you head out for the evening.  Remy could whip up a delicious homemade chili.  He would also have great ideas for dishes to make with all of the candy that is collected.  He’s easy to carry around with you, too, while you are out and about trick-or-treating.

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